Drug Addiction Treatment
doctor and patient discussing misconceptions about drug addiction
By BrightView
Published: May 24, 2020
Updated: June 21, 2022

Drug addiction is often misunderstood. Many people don’t have firsthand experience with it. As a result, they are unsure what it is, how it happens, or how it can change their own life. These misconceptions can lead to addiction itself or make it hard for those who need care to get it. Our team at BrightView can offer support to you as you work through these challenges.

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The Most Common Drug Addiction Misconceptions

Take a look at the following list of drug addiction misconceptions. How many of these do you believe? How many of them do your loved ones believe? These misconceptions can make it harder for those who are struggling to receive the help they need.

#1: It’s Possible to Just Stop

There’s simply no way a person who has a dependency on drugs or alcohol can just stop using. The intensity of withdrawal symptoms is so much that there’s very little chance they will be successful even if they want to do so.

#2: I Can Quit When I Want To

When a person states this, you may believe they don’t have a drug addiction at all. Yet, most people with addiction will say this because they want to believe they are in control. It’s nearly always a misconception.

#3: I’m Managing It Fine

Another common misconception is that it is possible to just manage an addiction. This may be possible for a while, but it will always get worse over time. It is not something that a person can keep under control indefinitely.

#4: Addiction Is a Choice

Addiction is a disease. It is no different than a condition like heart disease brought on by being overweight or cancer due to smoking or poor lifestyle choices. It is a disease that requires professional help to overcome.

#5: I’m Always Going to Be Addicted

Drug addiction is very hard to overcome. It takes a lot of help and support. However, you can beat it. You can live a healthy life without having to use drugs or alcohol. It takes work, but the support of your local addiction treatment center can make a difference.

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#6: Prescription Drugs Are Safe to Use

Prescription drugs that carry addictive qualities can be very misleading. While many prescriptions are safe when you follow your doctor’s orders, there can still be risks. Here’s how to know if they are putting you at risk:

  • You are using more than you should.
  • Prescriptions run out before they should.
  • It’s been necessary to talk to your doctor about more pain meds.
  • You hide how much you are using.
  • Stealing drugs from others or doctor shopping has crossed your mind.

#7: Alcohol Isn’t a Problem and Neither Is Marijuana

Both are addictive drugs. Both carry side effects when you use them. In addition, both can cause serious health outcomes if you continue to use them on a consistent basis over time.

#8: You Can’t Get Help for Drug Addiction

That’s where the BrightView team comes into play. Our treatment centers around the country feature evidence-based approaches that can help you overcome addiction. We accept all insurance plans as well as Medicaid and Medicare to make treatment as accessible as possible. And through connections to local community resources, we help our patients rebuild their lives after treatment.

Our services include:

Reach Out to BrightView for Drug Addiction Treatment

When it comes to misconceptions about drug addiction, one thing is easy to see. If you continue to misuse drugs, life is going to get more challenging, and addiction could impact your health, relationships, and finances. If you take the time today to call BrightView, our team will get you help started with treatment right away. Our team is here for you, and our locations around the country make it easy to get started with treatment regardless of where you live. Get in touch today at 888.501.9865 to start your journey to recovery.