Addiction Recovery
skyline of columbus, oh to represent addiction recovery resources in the city
By BrightView
Published: September 8, 2022
Updated: October 23, 2023

Substance use disorders are a widespread concern throughout all of the United States, and Ohio is no exception. If you or someone you know is using drugs or alcohol and is in need of immediate help, you may be wondering how to find the right treatment resources in the Columbus area. Being able to find the right addiction recovery programs can be the difference between long-term recovery and potential relapse.

At BrightView, we understand that access to an effective, evidence-based outpatient treatment program is vital for those who struggle with substance use disorders. Our team members are dedicated to helping people from all walks of life begin their recovery with the best resources available. Our three addiction treatment centers in Columbus, Ohio, offer an alternative to traditional inpatient drug rehab. Call us at 888.501.9865 if you are interested in learning more about the research-based, community-centered, and mindful approach we take to substance use disorder treatment.

Why Do People Need Addiction Recovery Resources in Columbus, Ohio?

Franklin County, where Columbus is located, has seen an increased need for addiction recovery resources. The rate of deaths due to overdose per 100,000 people rose sharply from 32.1 in 2017 to 61.1 in 2020.1 This rate now far outstrips the rate for the whole of Ohio, which has actually decreased from 44.1 in 2017 to 42.9 in 2020.

Ohioans have also increasingly turned towards the use of fentanyl, a synthetic opioid that is 50-100 times stronger than morphine. Because it is so cheap and readily available, it is now associated with over 87% of overdose deaths in Franklin County.2

The top five drugs that have caused overdoses include:

  1. Fentanyl (87.1%)
  2. Cocaine (42.8%)
  3. Alcohol (25.6%)
  4. Meth (14.3%)
  5. Xylazine (3.5%)

Better access to addiction treatment resources in Columbus, Ohio could very well save hundreds if not thousands of lives each year. It could also improve the quality of life of thousands of people in recovery, allowing them a better shot at staying sober.

What Type of Addiction Treatment Program Is Right for Me?

Every treatment program varies, but in general there are two main types of treatment for drug and alcohol use disorders. The first type is an inpatient or residential program, where patients must stay on the treatment center’s premises for a set amount of time before they have a chance to return to their normal lives. This type of program typically lasts 30 days at a minimum, with many patients staying up to 90 days before leaving the treatment center. Inpatient programs offer 24/7 monitoring of patients and intensive treatments and therapies. However, inpatient treatment isn’t right for everyone—more flexibility and support for recovery in the context of everyday life can be beneficial.

The second type is an outpatient program, which can then be split into several different types of treatment programs depending on how much time the patient spends at a treatment center or how often they must visit. This type of program offers much more flexibility in terms of scheduling and can be the ideal choice for those who have work, school, and family obligations. Outpatient programs can often provide patients with the same level of care and support as inpatient programs.

Start an Addiction Treatment Program at BrightView

Columbus, Ohio, is a beautiful city that has a lot to offer its residents. At BrightView, we offer comprehensive treatment programs with a focus on outpatient treatment. The evidence supports that this is the best way for the most people to get the care that they deserve so that they can begin to heal. Our treatment centers in Columbus provide same-day enrollment, walk-in treatment, and 24/7 phone support.

Some of the evidence-based treatment and therapies we offer include:

  • Medication assisted treatment
  • Individual counseling
  • Group therapy
  • Family therapy

If you or someone you love is ready for affordable, accessible outpatient rehab in Columbus, Ohio, then BrightView is the place for you. You can contact us at 888.501.9865 and start your road to recovery right away.


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