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By BrightView
Published: January 11, 2023
Updated: January 5, 2023

Even though opioid prescriptions are far less common than previously in Kent County, Delaware, overdoses are on the rise.1 In the city of Dover, which is Delaware’s second-largest metropolitan area, citizens are in need of resources and help to deal with substance use disorder. Drug rehab resources in Dover, Delaware have emerged to better treat residents who are struggling with substance use. If you or a loved one needs help with substance use disorder, searching for a Dover, Delaware rehab center could be the first step in your recovery journey.

What Is a Substance Use Disorder?

Substance use disorder is a mental health condition that is characterized by an inability to control substance use, even when it is causing harmful consequences. This term refers to a complex constellation of symptoms, including physical aspects, mental health, behavior, and environmental circumstances. In the past, some might have used the term ‘addiction’ to describe some of these symptoms, but the current understanding of why and how people use and misuse substances is far more nuanced than previously.

Can Treatment Help Me or My Loved One Stop Using Substances?

Yes. Although there is no magic bullet that will cure substance use disorder instantly, studies have shown that those who participate in treatment for substance use disorder have the best ability to:

  • Return to work, school, and family obligations
  • Maintain recovery over time
  • Abstain from substances
  • Rejoin hobbies and activities that were previously enjoyed

Does Treatment Always Mean a Long Stay in a Treatment Center?

No—in fact, many people are able to access recovery care on an outpatient basis. While some people may choose to pursue treatment in a residential setting, often, patients are able to manage and access their treatment in intensive outpatient settings. As patients progress through the levels of care, they will be able to do so while also maintaining their normal daily lives as much as possible.

What Is Medication Assisted Treatment?

For some patients, there are medications that may be able to help them transition away from harmful drugs of abuse without the risky and traumatic process of quitting ‘cold turkey.’ Under the care of a medical provider, patients are given medications that will reduce their drug cravings and help them to avoid returning to use. During the process of taking these medications, patients also often participate in psychological counseling and group therapy to help them heal from unhealthy behaviors and coping mechanisms that may have been feeding into their desire to use substances.

My Loved One Needs Help to Stop Using Substances. What Can I Do?

One of the most important and vital aspects of recovery is having a good support system. If your loved one is battling substance use disorder, loving and supporting them in healthy ways is the best thing you can do. However, it can be tremendously difficult when a loved one is not yet ready to seek treatment. In that case, you may benefit from seeking a support group for loved ones of people with substance use disorder, or from getting some counseling on your own. This can help you learn more about substance use disorder and how to be a healthy and stable support person for your loved one.

BrightView Can Help with Substance Use Disorder in Dover, Delaware

At BrightView, we understand that our patients are real people with real lives. For this reason, we are committed to helping our patients access the recovery care they need, when and how they need it. Our patients are able to come on a flexible schedule, and even get telehealth appointments. If you or a loved one are working to overcome a substance use disorder, reach out to us today at 888.501.9865.



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