Alcohol Addiction Treatment
By BrightView
Published: February 3, 2021
Updated: February 3, 2021

Addiction is not a solitary disease. It impacts family, loved ones, relationships, finances, and entire households. Addiction did not occur in a bubble and it will not be overcome in a bubble either. It takes an army of supporters to help those who are faced with substance use disorder to recover and maintain lifelong sobriety. At BrightView, our compassionate counselors keep family in mind as they structure treatment options and programs for those in need of addiction treatment. Learn more about family therapy benefits online or by calling us.

How Family Therapy Can Help You and Your Loved Ones

When substance abuse is involved, families and relationships suffer. Lies and deceit lead to a breakdown of trust, poor communication, and conflict. Unfortunately, addiction may also spark anger and violence. Loved ones may have difficulty understanding how addiction has taken hold, the impact it has on the family dynamic, and how to overcome these challenges to return to a state of normalcy Treatment for loved ones through family therapy offers participants the opportunity to communicate how their lives have been impacted, their feelings and emotions about the situation, and their desire for change. The many benefits of family therapy include:

  • Reducing the possibility of relapse
  • Relieving stress during the recovery process
  • Increasing overall well-being
  • Improving communication and relationships
  • Alleviating co-dependency and enabling
  • Redirecting anger and frustration

At BrightView, through our family therapy program, patients can walk through this journey with their loved ones rather than trying to face the battle alone. If you or a loved one is challenged with addiction, reach out online to learn the many benefits of family therapy on the recovery process.

What Is Involved in a Family Therapy Program?

Family therapy brings family members together to express their thoughts and emotions, explore patterns of behavior and the impact on others, and work collectively to identify solutions. It is very useful to help everyone understand each other better and learn the skills necessary to manage and overcome addiction. BrightView offers a broad range of options for patients and their families to utilize on the path to sobriety, including:

Addiction Treatment Therapies

Addiction is a complex disorder requiring a multi-faceted approach. Every family dynamic is unique and therefore, no one solution is best suited for any individual in recovery or their loved ones. At BrightView, our addiction treatment specialists take each person’s individuals needs into account when developing the most appropriate addiction treatment therapies to include individual, group, and family therapies, and medication assisted treatment. We understand the intricate nature of relationships and the importance of families as a strong support system for those faced with addiction. This is why we have tailored the family therapy programs to meet the needs of patients and their loved ones where they are based on the family unit and the willingness of participants to engage in the process.

Family and Group Therapy in Ohio

Although a serious disorder, addiction can be overcome with the help and guidance of trained professionals and support from loved ones. Family and group therapy offered at each of BrightView’s locations can open the door to the healing of wounds, the mending of relationships, and the start of a new life. With more than 22 addiction treatment facilities in Ohio, you are sure to find the location nearest you. If you are ready to start fresh or have a loved one who needs assistance with their addiction, learn more about the benefits of family therapy from the caring addiction treatment specialists at BrightView. Reach out now online or by calling 833-510-4357, or let us call you.