We believe the best way to treat addiction is to understand it. Which is why we continue to educate not just our patients, but their family, friends and community.

a doctor speaks about a suboxone clinic near newark ohio

How to Find a Suboxone Clinic in Newark, Ohio

One of the main reasons that people don’t enroll in an opioid addiction treatment program is a lack of access to high-quality treatment centers. Unfortunately, many Americans recognize that they are struggling with addiction, but there are no Suboxone clinic treatment programs available near them. So, these people feel as…

a woman is happy to have found a medicaid drug rehab near dayton ohio

How to Find Medicaid Drug Rehab Near Dayton, Ohio

Access to professional drug addiction treatment programs used to be limited to those with ample money to pay for them. Many health insurance companies did not cover drug rehab services, leaving the person in recovery with thousands of dollars in medical bills. If you were on Medicaid, affording drug rehab…

a doctor discusses immediate outpatient care at brightview health

Immediate Care at BrightView

When patients are faced with a substance use disorder, they need immediate care. Delays in addiction treatment can have devastating effects on a patient’s life, including health challenges, deteriorating relationships, and financial struggles. At BrightView, you can get outpatient addiction treatment right now. At BrightView, our addiction treatment programs provide…