Alcohol Addiction Treatment
group of teens at alcohol rehab

Alcohol can be incredibly addictive. Even as adults, drinking alcohol can lead to addiction. There are physical, emotional, and mental health risks to using it. Yet, many teens use alcohol because it seems safe to do, and it’s very accessible. Teen alcohol addiction can happen to many. When that does occur, your teen may benefit from alcohol treatment like our program at BrightView. How do you know they need teen alcohol treatment at a substance use disorder treatment center?

When Is Alcohol Treatment Necessary?

Someone who is struggling with addiction is unable to stop using a substance or engaging in a harmful action. That means that your teen knows there are risks to drinking but cannot stop due to their body craving the substance. You can’t just ground them and tell them no. In fact, your teen may want to stop using alcohol but cannot do so on his or her own. That’s where teen alcohol treatment comes into play. How do you know when your teen needs alcohol treatment? Here are a few key signs to look for in his or her behavior. They may:

  • No longer interact with the same friends or like the same things
  • Smell of alcohol or act as if they are intoxicated
  • Ask for money often but struggle to maintain a job
  • Steal alcohol from you or others
  • Be unable to stop drinking because they feel pain or agitation when they do

Does your teen no longer like to do things they used to? Perhaps they are isolating themselves a lot. You may notice that they have new friends. Look for changes in their behavior, such as engaging in high-risk situations like unprotected sex or driving while intoxicated. Teen alcohol addiction can easily be masked by what some call “normal” teen strife. This age is the time for pushing the limits and learning how to be an adult. Yet, for teens with addiction, there’s a real health problem present that needs to be addressed at a drug and alcohol treatment center in Kentucky.

Teen Alcohol Addiction Means There’s a Need for Support

You may be tempted to simply tell your teen to stop drinking and ground them. That’s not going to fix the underlying problem. In alcohol treatment, he or she will learn about their addiction while receiving medications and therapy to help them avoid using again. This can help to control withdrawal symptoms that may be limiting their success. At BrightView, we offer a comprehensive teen alcohol use disorder treatment program. They may be able to remain in school during their treatment. Our team offers outpatient and intensive outpatient care. That means they go home each night and work on improving themselves for hours each day. Take a look at what our alcohol treatment has to offer. Could it help your teen?

With these programs comes one-on-one therapy with a trained professional who can help your teen to really understand what’s happening. Your child also will receive support that’s available to them immediately. You don’t have to wait to get them into our program for long. Most importantly, they will learn how to be self-confident in their health. When it comes to overcoming teen alcohol addiction, it all starts with a call for help.

Take Action for Teen Alcohol Addiction – Call BrightView Today

Alcohol treatment can help your child get his or her life back on track and start the recovery process. You may not be sure, even now, that teen alcohol addiction is happening or that you need teen alcohol treatment for them. Yet, reaching out to our team at BrightView will give you some more insight and plenty of new opportunities. Call 833-510-4357 today to learn how we can help you.