group of teens in drug addiction treatment

Drug addiction can happen to teens who may believe they can “try” drugs without consequences as long as they do not use them often or use a lot. Yet, every person is different. Many are high-functioning, too, which means they can use drugs and still maintain their schooling or at-home responsibilities. How do you know if teen drug addiction is occurring? It can be a challenge, but BrightView offers some tips to help you recognize what’s happening.

The Early Warning Signs of Drug Addiction

The more you know about what’s happening with your teen, the better. Most teens are working on exploring their own paths. You may not see them often. Even if you do, you may not notice some of the early warning signs that could indicate teen drug addiction and the need for a drug use disorder treatment program. Some of these warning signs often are symptoms of being a moody teenager. You may even chalk it up to their rebellious years. It’s very common for parents to overlook these signs because of this or because they don’t think their child will use. Yet, it happens to many teens – those with good grades, active social lives, high morals, and much more.

So How Do You Know When Drug Addiction Is Happening?

Here are some of the most common symptoms you may see in your teenage daughter or son.

  • They no longer enjoy the things they used to love. They seem disinterested in things they were passionate about before.
  • They have a change in their friends. You don’t know these people as well.
  • Mood swings are common, and sometimes severe.
  • Isolation is also common. Some teens pull away from everyone when using.
  • Sleeping more than usual or not sleeping at all can occur.

It’s also important to look for physical changes in your teen. This includes things like sudden weight loss or bloody eyes. Some people will also shake or have tremors. Some teens also seem to have a sunken, pale face. Also, note the way they act. Many will become more reckless. When they do not have access to the drugs, they may even become angry and aggressive. That’s because their body is going through drug addiction withdrawal and they may need medication-assisted treatment programs to help get them through.

How to Help with Teen Drug Addiction

As a parent, you want them to just stop using and go back to their lives. It’s rarely that easy when true drug addiction is occurring. Their body and brain are different now. They are dependent on these drugs. They cannot just stop – especially if they have been using for a long time. Rather, they need help. Talk to your son or daughter about their drug addiction in a way that allows them to open up to you. Treat this condition as any other disease he or she may have. Talk to them openly about what’s happening and why you’re worried. Then, get them into professional treatment. At BrightView, we offer teen drug addiction support through comprehensive programs designed to help them overcome their addiction and start the healing process. We do this through family therapy, group therapy, and individual therapy. We also offer telehealth options they can utilize right from home. Take time now to learn about our treatment options. Some of them include:

Invest in Your Teen’s Future at BrightView

Now is the time to get help for your son or daughter. The sooner you do, the more of a chance he or she has at achieving their goals and reclaiming their health. At BrightView, we offer drug addiction treatment in a comprehensive, positive environment. Learn more about teen drug addiction and what options you have when you call us at 833-510-4357.