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“Meet them where they are, work like hell to get them somewhere better”

We can buy the drug that kills more Americans than any other at the grocery store. Legally. Every day of the week. While overdose deaths from fentanyl and its sinister cousins have seized the spotlight for years — some 112,000 Americans died from drug overdoses in 2023 — alcohol-related diseases kill many, many more people — 178,000 Americans every year, according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.

Navigating Recovery Through The Courts: Officials Learn How To Help

First Justice Lisa F. Edmonds recalls sitting at her bench under the low ceilings of the Falmouth District Courthouse, listening to a defense attorney list acronym after acronym: abbreviated stages of substance use care recommended for the attorney’s client. She said she turned to the clerk beside her and asked for clarification on the alphabet soup of terms indicating the steps along the way to recovery.

BrightView Health Now Serving 5,000 Patients across the Bluegrass State

BrightView Health is serving a record number of patients recovering from a substance use disorder — more than 5,000 just in Kentucky. Since opening its first Kentucky location in 2020, BrightView has expanded to offer its addiction treatment program to Kentuckians in all regions of the state. With 17 centers, most residents in the Bluegrass state now live within 30 minutes of a BrightView center.