Drug Rehab
By BrightView
Published: May 2, 2023
Updated: May 2, 2023

Each person’s needs for addiction treatment are different. This is why BrightView’s addiction treatment centers in the Phoenix area offer programs tailored to individual medical histories and personal needs. Together, we will work to design a treatment plan that fits your schedule and allows personal and work obligations to remain the same. Call us today at 8335104357 to begin recovery today or learn more about our outpatient drug rehab services near the greater Phoenix area!


When to seek help for substance use disorder (SUD)

Sometimes it can be difficult to know when it is the right time to seek help for addiction or substance use disorder (SUD). Consulting with a medical professional, such as a primary care doctor or addiction specialist, is often a reliable way to find out if someone needs help for SUD. If some of the below symptoms are noticeable, it may be time to begin a recovery program:

  • A prior recovery program “didn’t seem to work”
  • Substance use is being downplayed or concealed from others
  • Personal, scholastic, or work life are seeing negative effects
  • Confrontation by loved ones has occurred about substance use
  • Having challenges with money and spending priorities related to substances
  • Feelings of concern about physical or mental health
  • Inability to cease use of alcohol or other substances


Is outpatient drug rehab the ideal treatment option?

For some people, inpatient treatment is necessary due to medical complexity, the need for supervision around the clock, or other factors. However, others may benefit more from starting with outpatient treatment. Even if someone begins with inpatient or residential detox, there will come a time when an ongoing outpatient program is necessary. The following characteristics may indicate that outpatient addiction treatment is the best fit:

  • A diagnosis of mild to moderate SUD.
  • Inability to take time off work or away from school for treatment.
  • Responsibility of caring for children or elderly family members.
  • In need of the most affordable treatment option.

Outpatient drug rehab makes staying in school, working a job, caring for family or balancing other responsibilities easier. This option allows people to recover locally as it is the least disruptive to everyday life and still manages to give support to sustain long-lasting recovery.

How can Brightview addiction treatment help?

Choosing the right outpatient drug rehab program is crucial to recovery success. Making sure a center has a comprehensive program that covers all bases of health is important. At BrightView, our recovery plans include:

  • MEDICATION FOR ADDICTION TREATMENT (MAT): MAT is a treatment option that combines medication with behavioral therapies. Medication helps minimize withdrawal symptoms and cravings, while also stabilizing the brain.
  • BEHAVIORAL THERAPIES: Individual therapy helps patients uncover their personal needs and the root cause of their SUD. Group therapy allows patients to build life skills together while sharing their stories.
  • CASE MANAGEMENT: Case management helps patients get their feet back on the ground. These services aid patients with housing, transportation, job training, education, and more.
  • PEER SUPPORT: Our team of peer recovery supporters have the experience to help patients through recovery with empathy and understanding.

Begin recovery today at BrightView in Phoenix

When the time feels right, consider BrightView as an option for flexible, affordable, and compassionate treatment. Reach out to us today at 8335104357 or schedule an appointment online to start enjoying the benefits of our evidence-based approach to addiction treatment.

Photo by Joe Cook on Unsplash