Tempe, Arizona

BrightView Health, a comprehensive outpatient addiction treatment provider with 75+ locations throughout the United States, has acquired Corebella Health & Wellness with locations in Tempe, Glendale, and Scottsdale, and throughout Arizona with telehealth programs.  All services will continue uninterrupted, and staff will transition to the new brand.

Since welcoming its first patients in 2015, Corebella Health & Wellness has provided the highest level of treatment and whole-person care to help Arizona residents break the cycle of addiction and begin the path to sustained long-term recovery.


Patients and community partners should continue to expect the same first-class care under BrightView.  Both programs are focused on treating the disease of addiction through biological, psychological, and social means.  Treatment programs generally include medication assisted treatment (MAT) with FDA approved medications, individual and group counseling, peer recovery support, and wraparound social support services that help patients achieve lasting recovery. All treatment programs are personalized to each patient’s specific needs.

“We know BrightView will continue to build on the foundation we started 7 years ago,” says Robert Hundley, President and Owner of Corebella Health & Wellness. “Their mission of serving people, locally and virtually, will allow us to save more lives using evidence-based care.  This new partnership ensures that anyone with the disease of substance use disorder can achieve long-term recovery.”


“BrightView is thrilled to welcome the passionate people at Corebella Health & Wellness to our family,” says Chad Smith, Cofounder and CEO of BrightView Health, “Corebella has the reputation of experienced health care professionals who provide personalized attention, comprehensive care, and we are excited about this partnership. BrightView is committed to a seamless transition for every patient, staff member, and community partner.”


People or families seeking help can call BrightView at 833-510-HELP (4357) 24-hours a day, seven days a week, or schedule an appointment online at brightviewhealth.com.  Treatment often begins the same day, and walk-ins are welcome. For patients in withdrawal, it takes less than 4 hours from the time they walk through the door to receive stabilizing medication, complete their first counseling session, and begin lasting recovery.


About BrightView Health:


Founded in 2015, BrightView provides comprehensive, evidence-based outpatient addiction treatment to thousands of patients in recovery from substance use disorder throughout Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia, Massachusetts, Maryland, Connecticut, Delaware, and North Carolina.


The organization’s 75+ centers provide a practical treatment approach that includes medication assisted treatment (MAT), individual counseling, group therapy, peer support, and wraparound social services, as well as work on co-occurring disorders.  Locations are generally able to dispense medication on-site, which makes treatment comfortable and convenient for patients.


BrightView’s compassionate and professional staff create an accessible and welcoming environment for physical and emotional healing. BrightView is committed to treating each patient with respect, providing positive reinforcement, and achieving long-term wellness. To learn more, please visit brightviewhealth.com.


About Corebella Health & Wellness:


Founded in 2015, Corebella Health & Wellness takes a holistic, integrative approach, aiming to improve the health of all individuals with whole-person care. They offer primary care to evaluate and treat patients to promote healing, health, and well-being.