Substance Abuse Treatment
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By BrightView
Published: March 19, 2022
Updated: June 3, 2024

While the opioid-related mortality crisis continues to escalate, essential questions about addiction treatment in America remain unanswered. Different treatment programs offer different services, and even policymakers and regulatory bodies disagree on what constitutes quality addiction treatment.

Our BrightView addiction treatment center staff has begun to answer some of these questions by publishing industry-leading insight into patient outcomes.

The highest-level findings include:

  • Addiction treatment works.
  • People with substance use disorder can and do recover.
  • Recovery is multidimensional, with outcomes spanning various facets of a person’s functioning.
  • Treatment programming can be implemented with fidelity at scale to meet the challenge of the modern addiction crisis.
  • A minimum threshold of patient engagement is necessary to reliably produce positive clinical outcomes.

BrightView has proven that thousands of patients with similar conditions have walked a known path in treatment and have achieved their goals at our BrightView addiction treatment center. Learn more about our approach and what makes us different from other treatment centers by contacting us online or at 888.501.9865.

BrightView’s Findings

Using data from electronic medical records, BrightView’s Analytics and Quality Leadership teams created a detailed database of treatment histories.

This database includes:

  • Data on more than 12,000 patients
  • A 30-month timeframe
  • 1.3 million datapoints

Thousands of patients consistently achieved a variety of positive outcomes and successfully accomplished treatment goals. In addition to these markers of success, the data also highlighted the service mix needed to achieve these outcomes.

BrightView’s Programs and Services

Each unique service type contributes to a patient’s engagement level as well as their achievement of positive outcomes. There is a clear minimum viable threshold of participation that fosters long-term engagement in treatment services, which correlates to various positive clinical outcomes.

When disengagement from one service type occurs, the data is clear that patients will disengage from the remainder, typically within the next month. By far, the best outcomes occurred when patients engaged in each aspect of the complete biopsychosocial model that BrightView delivers.

Phase I of BrightView’s monthly plan includes:

  • Four counseling sessions
  • Four medical appointments
  • Two case management visits
  • Two group therapy sessions

Phases II and III include:

  • Two counseling sessions, dropping down to one in the final months
  • Two medical appointments, dropping down to one
  • Two case management visits, dropping down to one
  • Two group therapy sessions, dropping down to one

Across all three phases, and even within each individual phase, premature treatment dropout was greatly pronounced when patient participation fell more than 50% below the recommended monthly visit frequency. For example, if four medical visits are recommended in the first month of treatment but a patient only completes two, this can be construed as a significant warning sign.

Early signs of disengagement in any single service predicted dramatically reduced visit frequency across all service types in the following thirty days, with many patients discontinuing services altogether. It’s clear that high levels of engagement lead to longer stays in treatment and sustained recovery.

Additional programs include our:

  • Medication for addiction treatment programs
  • Recovery clinic
  • Medicaid drug rehab center
  • Telehealth treatment

Discover the Difference of Our BrightView Addiction Treatment Center

By serving as the best-in-class example of how addiction science can translate
into integrated, multidisciplinary clinical practice, BrightView has demonstrated that addiction treatment works, proven that patients can and do recover, and defined the minimum effective threshold of addiction services necessary for most patients to continue their growth in recovery. BrightView is proud to serve people and save lives every day through our services. Learn more about our mental health and substance use treatment by contacting our team today at 888.501.9865 or online. Make today the day you take the time to discover the BrightView difference.