BrightView was founded by a doctor, a lawyer, and a businessman who believe we all have the right to change our lives for the better. With this idea, they started an organization they hoped would transform addiction medicine.

As the opioid epidemic hit the Greater Cincinnati community, our founders realized they had the ability and the experience to help people affected by it. So, these three began a new career path, one to help people overcome their addictions and retake control of their lives. And BrightView was born.

BrightView is a new kind of addiction treatment center, one that pairs a patient-focused and evidence-based approach with the compassion and commitment to improve as many lives as we can. We combine medical treatment with psychological therapy and social services to give patients the comprehensive support they need to overcome addiction. We offer evidence-based, outpatient addiction treatment programs to help people rebuild their lives without completely uprooting them.

At BrightView, we offer substance abuse treatment programs including:

Meth Addiction Treatment Programs

Heroin Addiction Treatment Programs

Opioid Addiction Treatment Programs

Suboxone Treatment Program

Vivitrol Treatment Program

With so many people affected by substance abuse, we hope to lead by example. We utilize the latest technologies, therapies and concepts to help our patients live the lives they deserve. With BrightView, we want to give patients the environment and the support they need to overcome addiction and find a path to a brighter future.


Meet the leadership and staff who have made it their mission to help patients overcome addiction and regain control of their lives.


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