Pain management treatment plans often require a multi-modal approach that may include the prescribing of opioid pain medications.  On occasion, patients will become physically dependent on these medications and may even start to abuse them.

When these patients are identified, either early or late in their treatment course, BrightView can assist with further evaluation and management. We can provide a full psychosocial assessment to identify if the patient has substance use disorder or physical dependence and manage the individual in coordination with their pain management doctor. Brightview can treat a patient for severe opioid use disorder in a comprehensive, evidence-based program or maintain a high level of oversight for those patients requiring opioid withdrawal management for physical dependence.

Pain Physicians can feel comfortable referring any patient of concern to BrightView for evaluation. These patients may demonstrate overt signs of addiction requiring more intensive treatment or may only require education and withdrawal management when opioids are no longer part of their treatment plan. Our providers are open to discussion regarding your practice and how best to work collaboratively to implement the best care for your patients.

Patients may be identified at any time during the course of treatment and generally fall within three areas of concern:

  1. Overt signs of addiction such as admitted use of heroin, alcoholism, or signs of illicit drugs on definitive toxicology screening. These patients can be referred immediately for full assessment and determination of appropriate level of care.
  2. Patients that are identified as high risk for opiate diversion or who may be physically dependent. Referral for assessment may reveal that the patient does not have a substance use disorder and may need withdrawal management or high-risk oversight.
  3. Patients that are dismissed from the practice for non-compliance who are currently on opioids. These patients may or may not have substance use disorder but will require withdrawal management.

** Identification does not mean the patient should not receive continued appropriate pain management without the use of controlled substances. Often under or untreated pain can be a significant factor of substance use disorder **

Discussion around these issues with patients may be challenging. Keeping the patient’s best interest in mind, the key is to address the concern for opioid dependence or misuse in a proactive approach. Brightview can provide a professional and discreet option for evaluation and treatment if required. The goal is to ensure the patient doesn’t suffer through the misery of opioid withdrawal and to give them options for appropriate care.

Release of Information Form

For ease of communication, each patient should have an executed 42 CFR Part 2 compliant release of information form on file.

Assessment Only Fax Cover Sheet

We want to make the referral process as streamlined as possible for our partners and our patients.


Should a patient require an assessment to evaluate SUD or concerns involving misuse, BrightView can provide a timely evaluation and medical diagnosis for consideration of risk and next step. To facilitate this process Referring Agency should utilize the following:

  • Referring agency should either call BrightView with the patient at 740-200-8876 to schedule the patient for an assessment only appointment or give the patient the number to call and set up independently.
  • It is very important that the referring agency or patient tells the scheduling staff at BrightView that this is for an assessment only when the appointment is made.
  • Referring agency should fax to BrightView the signed ROI form and fax cover noting contact name and phone/fax numbers that the completed documentation should be sent to. Along with ROI, referring agency should fax over all relevant patient history and documentation (testing, concerns, previous assessments, etc.) This will aid in ensuring the most thorough assessment possible.
  • It is highly recommended that the referring agency have the patient sign a CFR part 2 compliant release of information prior to the patient’s assessment appointment at BrightView and fax it to BrightView (833-510-4329).
  • If the referring agency is unable to obtain a signed copy of the release of information prior to the client’s assessment appointment, BrightView staff can attempt to obtain the signed release when the patient arrives at BrightView for their appointment however this cannot be guaranteed.
  • Please note: For assessment only appointments – Medical diagnostic reports will be returned within 48-72 hours.
  • Complete medical and clinical assessments will be available within 5-7 business days.

Our Approach

  • The BrightView agent scheduling the “Assessment Only” appointment will ensure that the staff is aware.
  • On the day of the appointment, the patient will meet with a therapist to complete the behavioral health assessment and with a physician or nurse practitioner to complete the medical evaluation.
  • Once these appointments are complete and the medical provider has signed off on the medical evaluation, the front desk staff at the appropriate site will fax the medical form over to the referring agency within 48 – 72 hours of the client being assessed at BrightView.