By BrightView
Published: December 24, 2020
Updated: December 24, 2020

When is the best time for treatment? You may be unsure of what going through treatment during the holidays could look like. Does participating in treatment mean you will not see your family and friends? Will you be able to get the help you need when you need it? At BrightView, we offer a wide range of treatment options that fit your life, including telehealth treatment. If you are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, reaching out for help as soon as possible is the best choice for lasting sobriety.

Is Holiday Treatment Right for You?

When it comes to finding the best time for treatment, there are many things to think about before deciding. You want to go to treatment at a time when work and school will not get in the way. During the holidays, you’ll likely have the time to focus on your recovery. Getting away from the stresses of everyday life is necessary so that you can develop healthy coping skills. Here are some reasons to consider holiday treatment.

1. You May Have Time Off at the End of the Year

Some people benefit from this treatment timing because they have time off from work to get into care. If you are in college, you have a break at this time of the year to start your therapy as well. It can prove to be an ideal time for you to get away.

2. You Can Avoid Stress During the Holidays

For many people, the holidays are high-risk times. There is more pressure, more access to drugs and alcohol, and more people to deal with that you don’t usually see. That means you may be dealing with more complications now if you don’t seek out treatment.

3. Waiting Too Long Increases the Risk of Health Problems

The longer you wait to get help, the more likely you are to struggle with complications. There’s really no good reason to put off getting the care you need, especially if you have:

  • Increasing withdrawal symptoms when you try to stop
  • Health conditions that are worsening
  • Overdosed in the past
  • The need to use more drugs than ever before
  • Started using more addictive or potent drugs

In each of these situations, you are putting your health on the line. There’s no benefit to that. Instead, get help now as it is the best time for treatment.

4. You Know That You Need Help

Getting help as soon as you are ready is important. If you are thinking about treatment now, that’s a good sign that you’re ready for help. If you put that off – or allow your loved one to put that off, that could lead to your unwillingness to get that help. Down the road, you don’t know what your circumstances may be and whether it will be possible to get help.

5. You Can Get Holiday Treatment Support from Your Loved Ones

At BrightView, we provide you with ways to get the treatment timing you need. We also recognize the benefits of getting care right away. For that reason, we encourage you to reach out to our team today. We offer programs that let you stay at home and still get the comprehensive support you need. Learn more about our programs and what makes us different to find out how we can help you:

Reach Out for Help During the Holidays at BrightView

Holiday treatment can help you avoid relapse or begin the road to recovery. At BrightView, we offer comprehensive outpatient care. That means you get to go home in the evenings to be with your family. Imagine the improved quality of life you could have this holiday with proper treatment timing. It may be the best time for treatment for you. Call our team to learn more at 833-510-4357.