Alcohol Addiction Treatment
group going through alcohol addiction recovery during the holidays
By BrightView
Published: November 26, 2020
Updated: November 26, 2020

Whether this is your first year with sober living or you’ve been through a few holidays before, it’s not easy. The people, experiences, and expectations can make this season challenging. You don’t want to deal with that, especially if you are in alcohol addiction recovery that’s fresh. What can you do? Staying sober for the holidays is often easier to do when you have a professional team to call on, like ours at BrightView, when you’re struggling.

Stay Sober During Alcohol Addiction Recovery

Sober living tends to sound hard to do and limiting, but it does not have to be. In many ways, you should feel proud of what you’ve accomplished. That means understanding just how hard it is to overcome this addiction and put it behind you. Consider your alcohol addiction recovery one of your accomplishments. When you have this frame of mind, you may have a bit more support and strength with staying sober for the holidays.

How Can You Stay Sober for the Holidays?

Having the right frame of mind is important. Yet, sober living doesn’t seem easy during this time of the year. What can you do to stay on the right path? Here are a few simple things to help you get started.

  • Recognize that your sobriety needs to be a priority over everyone else’s feelings
  • You don’t have to give up food, friendships, and being thankful
  • There are many ways for you to enjoy a happy experience without drinking
  • You may need to say no to some people and experiences
  • It’s okay to put yourself first

Sober living is about making the right choices on a consistent basis. That means you need to stick with your alcohol use disorder treatment program long term.

Creating a New Experience for the Holidays

One of the best ways to stay sober for the holidays is to stop thinking about the way things used to be. Make this better this year. That may mean big changes for you and your family. You may even want to get on the road to do a bit of traveling instead of staying home. Or, you may want to host your own celebration at your home instead of going to someone else’s house. That way, you control the food and alcohol present. What can you do to make this a better year for yourself?

Keeping Yourself in Alcohol Addiction Recovery in Tough Times

While many people view sober living during the holidays as tough, for some, it is painful. You may not be dealing with just the lack of being able to drink. You may be visiting locations or talking to people who put you at risk. You may even have to face past trauma and experiences you simply do not want to deal with during this time. You may even find that staying sober for the holidays is impossible if you have to engage in these thoughts. You don’t have to. You absolutely never have to put your alcohol addiction recovery on the line. Most importantly, you are not alone through this. Our team is always on hand to provide one-on-one counseling and support for you. You just need to reach out to us to learn more about how we can help you. We provide comprehensive support, including through:

Take This Moment to Change Your Future by Calling BrightView Today

Alcohol addiction recovery is an ongoing process. The holidays make sober living so much more difficult. If you aim to be sober for the holidays and need help making sure you stay that way, our team at BrightView can help you. It takes one call to 833-510-4357 to learn about the powerful programs we offer that change lives. Make it now.