Alcohol Addiction Treatment
By BrightView
Published: April 8, 2021
Updated: May 17, 2021

Like most chronic illnesses, substance use disorder can have long-term and even life-threatening effects on a person’s life. Similarly, like chronic diseases, it requires ongoing care. However, taking the first step to receiving the care that will start down the road to sobriety is often the toughest. Once patients can acknowledge that help is required, they can actively participate in the journey to a life of health, love, and overall wellbeing. Taking this first step seems to be a daunting process for many people faced with addiction or substance abuse problems, yet it is the most critical. For some, it takes hitting rock bottom before they can admit that they have to make a change. The caring, compassionate staff at BrightView understand the challenges that people face in acknowledging and admitting that they need help in the first place. We provide patients and families the guidance and encouragement they need to bring to light the dangers of substance abuse and addiction to their health and life. To find out how you or a loved one can take this first step to recovery, reach out to one of our experienced addiction specialists by calling 888.501.9865.

The First Steps on the Road to Recovery

Substance abuse occurs when legal or illegal substances, alcohol, or even prescription medications are used inappropriately. With substance abuse, patients usually believe that they are totally in control and can easily quit the use or misuse of the substance. This mindset usually encourages patients to spiral away from taking that first step. Admission is the first step to recovery from substance use disorders. Until a person can admit that they have become powerless to the substance, no treatment or therapy options will be effective. Once a patient admits the truth, the real work begins of treating the disorder through a broad range of substance abuse treatment options, including:

Outpatient Treatment and Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient treatment helps patients receive the necessary treatment while still managing their daily lives with their families, loved ones, and work responsibilities. It is beneficial for patients who do not need detoxification and around-the-clock monitoring. There are measurable milestones set with the intensive outpatient program, and with each milestone completed, the intensity of care reduces. Outpatient treatment programs are important for patients who are willing and committed to getting better but still need to be actively involved in regular daily activities.

How Can Medication Assisted Treatment Help?

Medication-assisted treatment involves the use of medication to help in the treatment of addiction. These medications help reduce issues of relapse, withdrawal symptoms and, in some situations, provide unfavorable reactions when patients try to indulge in addictive substances. Examples include acamprosate, disulfiram, and naltrexone for alcoholism, while buprenorphine (Suboxone), naltrexone (Vivitrol), and methadone help treat opioid addiction.

What Is Addiction Counseling?

Counseling and therapy address the root of substance use and addiction. Using a variety of methods, patients and addiction specialists work together to:

  • Recognize addiction as a disease
  • Identify triggers
  • Replace negative feelings with healthy ones
  • Develop coping skills to maximize their recovery potential
  • Set goals to avoid relapse

To win the fight against substance abuse and addiction, counselors and therapists provide a judgment-free zone where patients are free to explore the addiction and recovery process at their pace, knowing that they are supported throughout the journey.

Need Help Taking the First Steps Towards Recovery?

BrightView combines the best practice and experience to provide you unmatched care in a welcoming, supportive environment. With 26 locations in Ohio, BrightView is well equipped with trained and professional staff to get you or a loved one on the road to recovery. Patients are treated with utmost respect and confidentiality while undergoing any of our programs. Once a person acknowledges that they have a problem and need help, the process must begin right away, so we have made care easily accessible and available. At BrightView, we are committed to walking with you on your journey to sobriety once you take that first step. Find out more about our programs and services by calling 888.501.9865 or using our online form.