Drug Addiction Treatment
suboxone clinic in akron, ohio
By BrightView
Published: October 31, 2019
Updated: June 6, 2024

Suboxone can be an incredibly important part of recovery from opioid addiction. Whether you’re struggling with a dependence on prescription opioids or illicit drugs like heroin, Suboxone can help you reach a place of stability. Suboxone is a brand name of a buprenorphine/naloxone medication. Other brand names include Sublocade, Brixadi, and Subutex. BrightView’s treatment centers throughout Ohio offer affordable, accessible addiction treatment. If you’re looking for a rehab clinic in Akron that accepts Medicaid, connect with our center today. Opioid addiction can damage every aspect of your life. However, personalized, evidence-based treatment can help you heal. Don’t put off getting the help you need.

Why Suboxone?

Why is Suboxone such an integral part of our opioid addiction treatment programs? This medication offers a number of benefits. First, Suboxone helps patients reach a place of stability. It’s a combination of medications that block the opioid receptors while also partially stimulating them. This can reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms while also reducing the risk of relapse. Once patients are stable, we offer a variety of services and programs to help them work through the underlying causes of addiction. These can include:

Peer support

  • Individual counseling
  • Group therapy
  • Social services (case management)

These services address the other factors that lead to or worsen active addiction. BrightView has treatment centers located throughout Ohio, including Akron, to provide access to medication and care for anyone facing an opioid use disorder. Through our evidence-based treatment programs, patients can rebuild their lives. We make it easy to begin treatment. Our team members ensure that when someone is looking for Suboxone as part of a comprehensive treatment plan, they can access it quickly and in a structure that promotes long-term recovery.

Medicaid Coverage for Opioid Addiction Treatment

Finding the right drug rehab center in Akron, Ohio can be a challenge, especially if you are looking for a place that accepts Medicaid or Medicare. However, BrightView’s conveniently located center accepts Medicaid for treatment. Many individuals put off reaching out for help due to concerns about the cost of treatment. With Medicaid coverage, you can be confident that treatment will not be too expensive. Additionally, our team members can help you navigate the application process as needed.

Connect With BrightView Today

Our comprehensive outpatient program is dedicated to providing ongoing care as long as you need it. Simply put, we help you feel better quickly and provide proven plans to increase the likelihood that you will continue to heal. Lasting recovery is possible, and we offer the tools to help you achieve it.

BrightView is not your stereotypical rehab clinic, and you’ll experience the differences as soon as you walk through our front doors. If medically indicated, you’ll receive Suboxone on your first day. Those who walk in our doors for the first time and are going through withdrawal receive medication, and complete their first counseling session in an average of only four hours.

Because we accept walk-ins on weekdays until 3 pm, this means you can start feeling better today. If you are looking for a rehab clinic in Akron, don’t let insurance payment be a barrier. We accept all Ohio insurances, including Medicare, Medicaid, TriCare (with a referral), and all commercial insurance plans. If you are struggling with the Medicaid or Medicare application process, please let us know, and our dedicated and experienced team will be happy to assist you.

At BrightView, you can start treatment immediately and receive Suboxone as soon as today. Learn more about our services, programs, and approaches to care:

Reach out to our team at 888.501.9865 to learn more. Take the first steps towards reclaiming your life from opioid addiction today.