Working Together to Work Inclusively!

Statement from Chad Smith, CEO

/At Brightview, our commitment to the communities we serve extends beyond our patients, to the teammates we are lucky enough to partner with each day to deliver world-class care. As such, we recognize our role in fostering an environment that promotes the integral components of an inclusive and equitable culture that allows a diverse workforce to achieve our concerted mission of caring for our patients and each other. It is our collective commitment that BrightView will remain a workplace where any and all who seek to serve can feel at home no matter their characteristics, and find a place to grow and to fully flourish in their careers.

Our Commitment

We are committed to fostering an inclusive workplace culture that supports a sense of belonging where all employees can be their full authentic selves, promote their talents for growth, and thrive in a place where everyone feels dignity, kindness, and respect.


Diversity Programs & Initiatives

Brightview is committed to becoming a diverse and inclusive workplace. Our employee resource groups, learning resources, and community groups reflect our commitment to work together and work inclusively to build a diverse, equitable, and inclusive work environment at each of our treatment centers.


Employee Resource Groups

Empower – Women at Brightview  

Empower is our employee resource group for female peers, colleagues, and leaders at Brightview.  The purpose is to bring women together to connect, network, share ideas, discuss topics, and be inspired by each other’s experiences, perspectives for personal and professional growth.

Diversity 360  

This group supports the diversity of all employees at Brightview.  Providing a safe space for our employees to share their stories, be heard, and be supported to promote understanding of who we are, our differences, and rally around each other with inclusiveness.

Learning and Development Programs

Inclusive Learning

Our online inclusive learning resource provides bursts of interactive content to support personal and professional growth. Topics are aligned to our business priorities, core values, diversity initiatives, and leadership competencies.

Workplace Diversity #Belonging at Brightview

We are committed to creating a workplace environment where all employees treated equitably, with dignity and respect. Feel a sense of belonging and value, have the resources to support the need to achieve their full potential. We engage our patients, employees and vendors in a way that respects their unique perspectives and experiences.

Community Programs

Our programs are designed to be mindful and reach the marketplace in a more culturally competent and respectful way to support our patients, clients, and customers.


Brightview’s Kaleidoscope program offers unique treatment designed for the needs of patients who are part of the LGBTQA+ Community. Through the Kaleidoscope program, patients have an opportunity to work directly with licensed counselors, physicians, and case managers with specialized training and life experiences in the LGBTQ community.

Inclusion Conversations

Inclusion Conversations are weekly discussions to promote inclusion, foster positive actions to create awareness, and honor the differences of who we are as BrightView employees.

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