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BrightView patients are often surprised when, as part of their recovery, they are truly seen as people. We treat you like a person and addiction like a disease. And we’re starting to see our community partners do the same.


'How do we support you:' BrightView Addiction Treatment Center recognized Bedford County's Family Drug Court program

September is National Recovery Month and nearly 500 thousand adults in Virginia struggle with addiction. BrightView Addiction Treatment Center in Lynchburg took the chance to recognize Bedford County's Family Drug Court program on Tuesday. The Bedford Family Treatment Docket includes child services and social services, which is unique to drug courts in Southwest and Central Virginia.

Second annual "Recovery Palooza" hosts over 65 vendors

The second annual Recovery Palooza had a crowd of people in Genoa Park over the weekend. The event is put on by BrightView Health Addiction Treatment Center. The event celebrates effective outpatient addiction treatment.

BrightView Health community outreach manager named first NKY Reentry Champion

“I was a little bit distracted at the beginning when they were reading who was winning the award—I was trying to get registered to win the big TV,” Community Outreach Manager at BrightView Health Rebecca Bollens said. “It was buffering and buffering; finally, I gave up because they were talking about this person that’s winning this fabulous award, and I thought, ‘Wow, this is really great. I wonder who it is.'”

'The right thing to do'; Metro Public Works employees save man's life while on the job

Several people were frantically waving for help as they pulled a young man from his car, suffering from an apparent drug overdose. Gardner, who is a retired firefighter, and McKinney stopped and quickly jumped into action once they learned the man was not breathing and had no pulse. Brightview Health employees Sari Cason and Crystal Barajas also stopped to assist and provided additional Narcan.

Extended Conversations: Substance Use in Massachusetts

Will LaCouture, the Outreach Director for BrightView Massachusetts, which comprises 12 addiction recovery centers throughout the state, joins host James Milan to discuss the urgent public health crisis around fentanyl and other opioids, including the recent emergence of tranq, which is particularly concerning because Narcan cannot be used to treat an overdose. Will also addresses common myths about addiction and treatment.

Pregnant Ohio mom credits BrightView with maintaining her sobriety

Kayla Kitchen is a mom of two, with another baby on the way due in April. She’s been coming to BrightView’s addiction treatment center in Elyria for most of her pregnancy, after feeling concerned she may relapse.