Tens of millions of Americans struggle with drug and alcohol addiction. A substance use disorder is characterized by an inability to stop using a substance despite negative consequences, whether physical or psychological. At BrightView, we recognize that addiction is a disease. Addictive drugs can change your brain’s chemistry, making it harder and harder to achieve the same feelings of euphoria. As you develop a tolerance, compulsion can take over, causing you to feel cravings. These make it difficult to stay sober even if you’ve managed to go through withdrawal on your own.

drug rehab ohioOur treatment program provides ongoing support and medication to help our patients achieve lasting sobriety. We believe that recovery is possible through a targeted approach that includes therapy, social support, and medication. We’ve helped many individuals manage the disease of addiction, and we can help you too.

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Substance use disorder is another name for addiction, whether the substances to which a person is addicted are legal or illegal. Many individuals develop a problem with substance abuse after being prescribed medication by a doctor to relieve pain. Some substances that can become addictive include:

Since addiction is a disease, it’s important for those suffering to seek professional help. Yet it might not always be obvious if you or a loved one is struggling with substance use disorder. Since some addictive substances, like prescription drugs, are legal, it can be hard to tell when use crosses the line into abuse. However, there are a few indicators to look out for. These include:

  • Damage to relationships with family and friends due to drug and alcohol use
  • Inability to fulfill responsibilities at work or at home
  • Cravings for drugs when you are not using
  • Needing to use more or more often to feel the same effects
  • You’ve experienced negative physical effects from substance abuse but have continued to use
  • Repeated failed attempts at quitting or decreasing your use
  • Withdrawal symptoms when you attempt to quit, such as headaches, insomnia, and anxiety

If you’ve experience any of the above symptoms, it’s time to reach out to BrightView to learn more about our outpatient drug addiction treatment programs. We’re here to help you find the path to recovery.


Medication can help you manage your brain’s cravings for dopamine, which allows you to focus on your recovery. Individual case managers provide services tailored to your personal needs, including helping you find housing, apply for jobs, and arrange transportation. Individual and group counseling will help promote comprehensive healing and recovery. In addition to these services, BrightView encourages our patients to become involved in community peer groups.

BrightView’s outpatient treatment centers offer personalized treatment plans for substance use disorder. In our programs, you’ll find experienced, compassionate professionals who will help you get your life back on track. Our centers throughout Ohio and Kentucky provide a safe space for patients to recover.


If you or a loved one are seeking treatment for substance use disorder, contact BrightView today. If you’re ready to regain control and start a personalized medication assisted treatment program that works, we’re only a phone call away. Whether you need in-person or care via telehealth, medication assisted treatment, and an outpatient or an intensive outpatient program, our team of professionals can help.

Most BrightView facilities can see you within 24 hours of calling to schedule an appointment. Admitting that you need help takes courage, and it can be the most important decision you ever make. Call BrightView at 888-501-9865 and take back your life.