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Anxiety and Addiction

Just as with other mental health concerns, anxiety and addiction often go hand-in-hand. A person may use drugs or alcohol to help alleviate the symptoms of anxiety. This is especially true for depressants, substances known to provide a feeling of calm and relaxation. Depressants can provide temporary relief from anxiety, but they do not solve the problem. An individual may develop a substance use disorder with continued use, but help is available with an outpatient addiction treatment program. At BrightView, we are here to support patients diagnosed with substance use…

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Finding Suboxone Doctors in Wilkesboro, NC

There are many people in the Wilkesboro, NC area who are struggling with addiction. BrightView’s Suboxone clinic can help them get on the road to recovery. By providing effective treatment and promoting lasting recovery, we can help people in Wilkesboro get their lives back on track. One of the biggest roadblocks to recovery for those with opioid use disorders is the fear of withdrawal. While withdrawal symptoms can be uncomfortable, they are not life-threatening. With Suboxone treatment, we can help people through the withdrawal process and get them on the…

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Tips for Safely Quitting Alcohol

If you think your alcohol use has become problematic, you may be considering quitting. Before you go cold turkey, you should consider whether it is safe to do so on your own or you should get professional help. Safely quitting alcohol may require assistance from an alcohol addiction treatment program. When you are concerned about the dangers of quitting alcohol, reach out to BrightView. Our comprehensive treatment programs will ensure your comfort and safety as you end alcohol dependence. Call us today at 1-833-510-HELP to get started. Should You Try…


‘Tis the Season…to be Sober! Your 2022 Ultimate Holiday Sobriety Guide

The holidays can be a particularly stressful time for someone in recovery from an alcohol or substance use disorder. But by planning ahead and having the right tools and boundaries in place, the holidays can be “the most wonderful time of the year.” KEY TAKEAWAYS Celebrate the Good, Avoid the Bad: Saying “no” to experiences that put you at risk will avoid triggers leading to a setback in your recovery. It also gives you more time to celebrate the good things in your life. Make it a Priority: Your sobriety…

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Medicaid Drug Rehabs in Norfolk, VA

There are many roadblocks to recovery that can stand in a person’s way, but one of the most significant is a lack of access to quality care. When concerns about the cost, availability, or flexibility of treatment options are present, it can be difficult to make the decision to seek help. However, BrightView offers a unique solution that can make a difficult decision a little easier. Our Norfolk, VA addiction treatment center accepts Medicaid in order to make our services more accessible to those who need them. We understand that…

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Medication-Assisted Treatment Resources in Winston-Salem, NC

For those who are ready to break free from addiction, medication assisted treatment (MAT) can be a godsend. This evidence-based approach to treatment can help people manage their withdrawal symptoms and cravings, making lastin recovery more attainable. In North Carolina and beyond, medication assisted treatment is helping to save lives. There are medication assisted treatment resources in Winston-Salem at BrightView. Our clinic, located conveniently at the intersection of North Point Blvd and University Parkway, can provide the support, resources, and medication you need to get and stay on the path…

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Physical Effects of Opioid Addiction

The opioid epidemic has become an increasingly prominent issue throughout the country. Many people innocently began by taking doctor-prescribed opioid medications without realizing how easily one can become addicted to them. Once they start to notice the effects of opioid addiction, the problem might be too severe to handle on their own. Thankfully, you can overcome dependence on heroin and prescription opioids with the help of an opioid addiction treatment program. The comprehensive treatment programs at BrightView supply you with all the tools and resources you need to leave opioid…

woman considers can vivitrol reduce alcohol cravings

Can Vivitrol Reduce Alcohol Cravings?

One of the most challenging parts of recovering from alcohol use disorder is resisting cravings. When your body becomes dependent on a substance, whether it is alcohol, drugs, caffeine, or even sugar, it will produce powerful cravings to lure you into consuming the substance regularly. However, there are medications that can help to reduce alcohol cravings, and one of them is Vivitrol. Vivitrol is an injectable medication that can be used to treat alcohol and opioid dependence. It can help to reduce cravings for these substances by blocking the receptors…

woman wonders are you sober on suboxone

Are You Sober on Suboxone?

Suboxone is a brand name of a buprenorphine/naloxone medication that helps people with opioid addiction recover by reducing cravings and withdrawal symptoms. It can be taken as a pill, film, or sublingual tablet. While Suboxone is not a cure for addiction, it is an important tool that can help people in recovery stay on track. However, there are some myths and misconceptions about Suboxone that can make it difficult for people to understand how it works and whether or not it’s right for them. If you’re considering a Suboxone treatment…

man considers the benefits of suboxone treatment

Benefits of Suboxone Treatment

If you have ever tried unsuccessfully to recover from drug and alcohol addiction, you know how intense the withdrawal process can be. Thankfully, certain medications help ease those symptoms so you can get through withdrawal more comfortably. Medication assisted treatment programs (MAT) can also help you manage cravings, which can greatly increase the recovery rate and length of success. When you need additional support to recover from opioid addiction, you can put your trust in a Suboxone treatment program at BrightView. Our MAT clinics around the country can help you…