Intake nurse with a welcoming smile at a Suboxone clinic in Georgetown KY

Finding a Suboxone Clinic in Georgetown, KY

Medication management or medically assisted detox is one of the best approaches to long-term recovery. Medications like Vivitrol, Suboxone, and methadone reduce opioid cravings and lower the risk of relapse. Studies show medications like Suboxone also increase program retention, meaning individuals are more likely to complete treatment and stay sober. Today, Suboxone is a leader in opioid recovery, becoming increasingly accessible to clinics nationwide.  If you or someone you love is looking for a Suboxone clinic in Georgetown, KY, call BrightView now. Our outpatient treatment centers provide drug rehab, including…

Boston, MA

Alcohol Rehab Near Boston, Massachusetts

While substance use disorders (SUD) can affect anyone, they are generally more prevalent in those with genetic predispositions, histories of trauma, mental illness, and other factors. Substance use disorder, the medical diagnosis for addiction, can be nearly impossible to overcome alone or without the right treatment plan in place. For someone facing drug addiction or alcohol use disorder (AUD) in Massachusetts, consider finding an evidence-based alcohol rehab near Boston, MA. At BrightView, we offer comprehensive treatment programs to help people begin recovery as soon as today. Call us today at 8335104357 to…

Happy woman in session with counselor while participating in medicaid drug rehab in nicholasville ky

Medicaid Drug Rehabs in Nicholasville, KY

Finding the right substance use disorder treatment program is essential in Kentucky. Studies show that overdoses have steadily risen over the past five years in Jessamine County and across the state.1 Luckily, drug rehab programs are more accessible than ever. Today, many accept Medicare, Medicaid, and discounted cash-pay for those without insurance.  If you or someone in your life is looking for Medicaid drug rehab in Nicholasville, KY, BrightView can help. Our outpatient clinic provides accessible outpatient drug rehab with Medicaid, Medicare, and cash-pay options to help individuals break free…


Opvee: Is It the New Narcan?

When the FDA approved Narcan nasal spray for over-the-counter nonprescription use, it became the first naloxone product approved for use without a prescription. This has opened the door for other brands to become more widely available.  The latest is Nalmefene, an opioid antagonist medication known by the brand name Opvee. Scheduled for release no sooner than October 2023, Opvee is a nasal spray from the manufacturer, Opiant Pharmaceuticals, which was recently acquired by rival Indivior, maker of several medications for opioid addiction.    How Does It Work?  Like Naloxone (brand…

Two women in group therapy comforting each other while participating in drug rehab in Paris KY

Finding the Right Drug Rehab in Paris, KY

Drug rehab is increasingly important across the U.S. and here in Kentucky. Unfortunately, many people don’t seek treatment when they need it. Stigma, lack of education, and financial access can make it difficult for people to find the drug rehab they need to feel better and thrive. Understanding treatment options can help people find the right program to fit their needs, lifestyle, budget, and insurance plan.  If you or someone in your life is ready for drug rehab in Paris, KY, BrightView can help. With Medicaid drug rehab in Paris,…


Medicaid Drug Rehab Near Phoenix, Arizona

Substance use disorder, or SUD, is the medical diagnosis for addiction, a debilitating disease that can cause negative life outcomes if left untreated. However, there is hope and recovery is possible. Evidence-based addiction treatment in Arizona is available and can provide the right resources to start recovery. At BrightView, we believe that accessibility to treatment is crucial, which is why we accept Medicaid. We currently have three centers in the Greater Phoenix, Arizona area including Glendale, Scottsdale, and Tempe. Reach out to us at 8335104357 to start recovery today!  …

People in group therapy while taking advantage of addiction treatment resources near Covington, KY

Addiction Treatment Resources Near Covington, KY

Across the country and here in Kentucky, people from all walks of life experience addiction. A lack of information, treatment access, and mental health resources keep many people from the needed treatment. Luckily, there are programs like Brightview Covington, KY rehab center providing accessible, affordable addiction treatment resources.   If you or someone in your life is looking for an outpatient addiction treatment center near Covington, Kentucky, BrightView is ready to help. With addiction treatment clinics across the U.S. and Kentucky, we provide accessible outpatient drug and alcohol rehab programs. We’re…

Women comforting one another in group therapy in a Suboxone clinic near Somerset, KY

Finding a Suboxone Clinic Near Somerset, KY

Medically assisted detox with medications like Suboxone can make a difference in recovery for substance use disorders. Unfortunately, Kentucky residents are deeply affected by opioid miuse and addiction. The state reported a 14% rise in drug overdoses between 2020 and 2021.1 Today, the Kentucky Opioid Response Effort, called KORE, decreases opioid abuse, overdose, and opioid-related deaths.2 This results in programs across the state expanding medically assisted Suboxone treatment to help people reach long-term sobriety.  If you or someone you love is ready to get started with Suboxone treatment near Somerset,…

Person walking on city sidewalk toward a rehab center after looking for addiction recovery resources near Haverhill, MA

Addiction Recovery Resources Near Haverhill, MA

Drug addiction affects the Commonwealth of Massachusetts every day. Massachusetts is currently in the top third of states impacted by drug abuse and overdose. Studies show Massachusetts has the second highest number of teen illicit drug use and overdose.1 Unfortunately, many people don’t seek treatment. A lack of information, support, and resources keeps many people from rehab. While many people may have trouble finding the right treatment program, it’s important to know there are accessible treatment options around the state ready to help.  If you or someone in your life…

Woman speaking to therapy group in drug rehab near brockton ma

How to Find Drug Rehab Near Brockton, MA

Addiction is common across New England, especially in Massachusetts. Unfortunately, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is deeply affected by the opioid epidemic and the widespread use of other drugs. The good news is that increasing addiction treatment and recovery resources have helped the state decrease overdoses and drug-related deaths.1 While trying to find the right treatment program, it’s essential to know many drug rehab centers are accessible, affordable, and close to home.  If you or someone you love is ready to learn more about drug rehab and addiction treatment near Brockton,…