How to Approach Racial Challenges in Addiction Treatment

Improving Treatment Access and Recovery Outcomes for Black Americans is Critical   The impact of substance and alcohol use disorders on Black Americans is a complex issue. Research shows long-held stereotypes about race and addiction impact access to treatment and patient outcomes. Understanding these differences requires an examination of racial inequity, inequality, and racism. BrightView has been reviewing research and establishing best practices to understand the issue better and ensure a cultural lens is applied to patient intake to create a holistic view of the patient. The addiction treatment provider…

Man in counseling while participating in addiction treatment near Hampton Roads VA

Addiction Treatment Near Hampton Roads, VA

If you or someone you care about struggles with addiction, know you’re not alone. With evidence-based interventions like medication assisted treatment (MAT) and behavioral healthcare, freedom from substance use disorders is possible. Contact BrightView if you’re seeking addiction treatment near Hampton Roads, VA. Staff at our Newport News, Virginia Beach, Suffolk, Chesapeake, and Chesapeake South locations are eager to assist you. Call 888.501.9865, message us online, or drop in during the business week. Why Addiction Treatment Near Hampton Roads, VA Is Essential In the Commonwealth of Virginia, rates of death…

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Methadone vs. Suboxone

Medication assisted treatment (MAT) can be essential to recovery for those struggling with opioid addiction. Methadone and Suboxone are among the commonly prescribed medicines in MAT programs. These drugs work by curbing cravings and blocking the effects of opioids while allowing individuals to focus on their recovery plan. Though they share similarities, there are several critical differences between methadone and Suboxone. Are you looking for a methadone or Suboxone treatment program? BrightView can meet your or your loved one’s needs. Our centers accept a range of insurance plans, and we…


Medicaid Drug Rehab Center Near Pikeville, KY

If you or someone you care about needs help finding a drug rehab center that accepts Medicaid, look no further than BrightView. We strive to make treatment for substance use disorder (SUD) accessible to everyone, regardless of their insurance coverage or financial situation. Cost should not be a barrier to receiving treatment; at BrightView, it is not. Call us today at 833-510-4357 to learn how our treatment program can help you start long-term recovery.   Medicaid Coverage for Addiction Treatment One of the biggest roadblocks to getting treatment can be the…

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Opioid Agonists and Antagonists

Opioids like heroin, fentanyl, hydrocodone, and oxycontin can quickly become addictive and cause potentially severe complications. Getting help as soon as possible is essential if you or a loved one has an opioid use disorder. As part of your recovery plan, medication assisted treatment (MAT) can help. These interventions involve taking opioid agonists and antagonists to reduce cravings and prevent relapse. Several medications are available that can substantially improve recovery outcomes. Exploring which ones may be right for you is an essential first step in treatment. If you’d like to…

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Medication Assisted Treatment Near Phoenix, AZ

Choosing to get free from an opioid use disorder can be life-changing. Regaining control of your life can positively affect your day-to-day functioning, including everything from family dynamics and relationships to work performance and hobbies. That said, recovery from drug dependence is never easy, and professional support can be a game-changer in this transformative process. If you’re looking for medication assisted treatment near Phoenix, AZ, consider BrightView. Our addiction treatment centers in Glendale, Scottsdale, and Tempe offer quality outpatient services and telehealth options that can fit into your busy schedule.…


How to Have a Fun St. Patrick’s Day…Sober

Everyone may be Irish on this widely celebrated day, but not everyone has to drink to enjoy it St. Patrick’s Day is an unofficial holiday often associated with alcohol, partying, and binge drinking. However, many ways exist to celebrate this festive day sober and without relapsing. Key Takeaways St. Patrick’s Day is a common annual trigger for alcohol or drug usage, but being proactive can help prevent a relapse. One key is advance consideration of what to do if triggers occur while celebrating. Staying connected to friends and family who…

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Can You Go To Drug Rehab Online?

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, patients have requested and needed more remote options from clinicians and therapists. Virtual treatment is now commonplace in all areas of healthcare, from mental health to primary care. Many recovery centers implement online drug rehab, which can provide unique benefits. If you’re seeking virtual rehab, contact BrightView. Our virtual addiction treatment program allows patients to receive world-class recovery services in the comfort and convenience of their own homes. We can field your questions 24/7; call us at 888.501.9865 or message us through our…


Suboxone Clinics Near Pikeville, KY

One medication used to treat substance use disorder is Suboxone. This FDA-approved prescription medication combines buprenorphine and naloxone to help patients safely manage withdrawal symptoms. Most BrightView centers are licensed Narcotics Treatment Programs, meaning medications can be prescribed and administered on-site. We include this medication in Pikeville and other locations as part of our full slate of opioid use disorder (OUD) recovery options. Give us a call today at 833-510-4357 for more information on each of these options.   Suboxone Basics Suboxone is a brand-name medication that contains precise amounts of two…

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Sublocade vs. Suboxone

Medication assisted treatment (MAT) is an evidence-based approach to treating opioid use disorders. It involves taking medication such as Sublocade or Suboxone to reduce withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Though MAT is not a cure for addiction, it can significantly reduce symptoms and promote recovery outcomes. When it comes to Sublocade vs. Suboxone, knowing how these medications compare can help individuals start treatment that meets their specific needs. If you or a loved one is living with opioid dependence, recovery is achievable. For medication assisted treatment, contact BrightView today. Our caring…