Patients are our priority, so we make referring them simple.

At BrightView, we’re committed to connecting patients to the quality addiction treatment they need as quickly as possible. That’s why we view our referral partners as just that: partners. We work closely with our referral partners to expedite scheduling, streamline communication, and comply with patient privacy regulations.

Our behavioral health and medical teams are passionate about offering the highest level of patient-focused, evidence-based care. We continue to do so by contributing to and incorporating the latest research, technologies, and behavioral health concepts. At BrightView, we believe addiction is a disease we can treat using a biological, psychological, and sociological approach, also called the “biopsychosocial model.”

If you’re looking to refer a patient, become a provider, or learn more about an organization dedicated to helping people overcome addiction, look no further.


If you are medical personnel calling for continuance of Medication for Addiction Treatment (MAT) therapy and are needing medication verification for a patient under your care, please call our call center at 833.510.4357 and select option 8.

Please note that if a release of information form is not in place for the patient, under 42 CFR Part 2 BrightView will only be able to provide the last medication and dosage.


This form can be completed with a digital signature. It can be used for all patients, including those involved in the justice system.

Frequently Asked Questions

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BrightView Virtual

For qualifying patients, a comprehensive addiction treatment program is available entirely online through BrightView Virtual.


Our Innovative Approach to Treatment

We have the experience and the expertise to treat addiction the right way. Learn what sets us apart.


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Referring a patient to effective treatment should be simple and instantaneous.


Illicit Substance Use Drops by 70%

BrightView patients decrease use of illicit substances by nearly 70% on average within the first 90 days, with many patients achieving complete abstinence.

93% Decrease in Arrests

In the first 90 days, BrightView patients experience a decrease in arrests of nearly 60%.  After one year in treatment, average number of arrests were down 93% compared to when patients first started.

50% Decrease in Use of Emergency Departments

Patients report a 1/3 decrease in emergency room visits after just 3 months and a 50% decrease after one year.