BrightView will only accept service of subpoenas, court orders, payer record requests and other official documents seeking copies of medical or billing records, attendance of our records custodian or a Brightview employee at hearing or trial for matters relating to their duties for the company.

We will not accept service of legal or administrative complaints of any kind. Further, BrightView will not accept service of any kind regarding a hearing, subpoena, notice, or any other document regarding any legal process for our employees, contractors, or other persons performing services on behalf of BrightView involving matters or conduct that is unrelated to their employment or services provided to Brightview. Service of those matters must be accomplished pursuant to applicable state or federal law.

Please email qualifying requests here.

“It’s working for me.”

Within six months, unemployment among BrightView patients decreases by over 50%.

Proactivity of Proper Healthcare Use Improves Dramatically

BrightView patients report a nearly 50% increase in engagement with regular medical providers (for example, primary care providers) after just 90 days in our program.

Progress Toward Abstinence

BrightView patients decrease use of illicit substances by nearly 70% on average within the first 90 days, with many patients achieving complete abstinence.