By BrightView
Published: August 29, 2023
Updated: February 21, 2024

To highlight the impact addiction and recovery can have on family members, BrightView hosted “Healthy Families: How to Navigate Addiction Treatment”. The virtual forum brought together Rhonda Roper, LCSW, LISW, BrightView’s Vice President of Quality Operations and Christa Brunelle, a counselor at BrightView’s Akron center.

What Does a Healthy Family Look Like?

Discussing healthy families in recovery does not always mean the conversation should focus on the person with the substance use disorder (SUD) who is actively in recovery. Our speakers covered themes such as family roles and common characteristics of families with SUDs as well as the impact of living with someone who is in active addiction – as opposed to recovery.

Christa’s Powerful Story

Rhonda and Christa highlighted a lot of the hard truths about caring for and loving someone with an addiction – including diving deep into the realities of enabling versus loving.

Christa shared her personal experience with addiction in her family. Her candid stories further detailed the impact of having an adult child with a substance use disorder

Real Talk from BrightView Patients & Team Members

To build on Christa’s story, the speakers shared stories from patients and team members with first-hand experience navigating addiction and recovery. Their anonymous responses were incredibly honest and vulnerable, but most importantly, helpful and applicable to the discussion.

Everything related to families and addiction was covered in this comprehensive forum – from statistics to personal stories through the eyes of the caregiver and the person in treatment. For the full virtual forum, view the recording below.

How to Help Anyone with an SUD

With evidence-based behavioral health and medical interventions, recovery isn’t just possible, it’s probable. To learn more about how we can help you, call us today at 1-833-510-4357.