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Author Mikaela Taylor, LMHC
Mikaela Taylor, LMHC

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Published: January 4, 2022
Updated: January 4, 2022

The cost of substance use disorder (SUD) treatment can make some people feel that it is not an option. However, your financial situation should not stop you from getting the treatment you need to overcome SUD. If you are eligible for Medicaid benefits, you can find affordable help from a Medicaid drug rehab center near Cleveland, Ohio.

If you or someone you care about needs help finding a drug rehab center that accepts Medicaid, look no further than BrightView. We strive to make treatment for substance use disorder accessible to everyone, regardless of their finances.

Call us today at 1-833-510-HELP to learn how our Medicaid drug rehab near Cleveland, Ohio, can help you get back on track for a happier, healthier life.

How Can You Find Medicaid Drug Rehab Near Cleveland, Ohio?

If you are receiving Medicaid benefits, you may be wondering how you can find a qualifying Medicaid drug rehab center near Cleveland, Ohio. Not all SUD treatment centers accept Medicaid, making it more challenging to afford treatment at their facilities. To help keep drug rehab within your reach, you need to know how to find Medicaid drug rehab centers in your area. Here are some tips for locating your local treatment centers that will accept Medicaid for treatment:

One of the simplest ways to find a drug rehab that accepts Medicaid is by doing a Google search. Most people are familiar with searching on the internet, making this one of the fastest and easiest methods. Simply enter “Medicaid drug rehab Cleveland Ohio” into the search bar, and you will get a list of facilities in your area.

You can reach out to Medicaid directly to determine which SUD treatment centers they cover. Either visit the Ohio Department of Medicaid website to search their directory of care providers for a treatment center or call to speak with a representative. They can help you find your local drug rehab and explain your treatment coverage.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) website is always an excellent resource for anything related to substance use disorder treatment. You can use their treatment services locator to find drug rehab centers in your area that accept Medicaid.

If you have a treatment center in mind, perhaps one referred to you by a peer, you can also contact them directly to ask if they accept Medicaid.

What You Should Know About Drug Rehab Admissions

Once you have located a Medicaid drug rehab center you are interested in, you may wish to know more about the drug rehab admissions process. Knowing what to expect when you enroll in a SUD treatment program can help ease some of the anxiety or uncertainty you may have about getting help. Here is an overview of what the drug rehab admissions process may involve:

  • You will generally contact a treatment center by phone, chat, or fill out an online form. An intake specialist will then schedule you for an assessment.
  • At your assessment appointment, you will be asked about your drug use history, family history of substance use, and history of medical or mental health conditions.
  • You will undergo a physical examination to determine your current state of health.
  • A staff member will discuss your insurance coverage through Medicaid.
  • Your treatment team will determine the appropriate treatment plan for you and go over your options.

Once all of the above has taken place, you will be able to begin treatment. Without the concern of how you will pay for drug rehab, you can relax and focus on getting better.

BrightView: A Medicaid Drug Rehab Center You Can Count On

With BrightView’s Medicaid drug rehab near Cleveland, Ohio, you no longer have to worry about how you can afford substance use disorder treatment.

All that is left to do is call us today at 1-833-510-HELP so that you can start feeling better tomorrow.