Medication Assisted Treatment
By BrightView
Published: July 27, 2023
Updated: July 31, 2023

Let’s clear up some common misunderstandings about medication for addiction treatment.


Medication assisted treatment, commonly referred to as MAT, has been medically proven to help patients through recovery by decreasing withdrawal symptoms and rebalancing brain chemistry. Although it has been heavily studied and proven to be safe, there is still plenty of misinformation about MAT.

When thinking about starting your recovery journey, it is important to educate yourself on MAT to choose the right treatment plan for you. If you or a loved one is struggling with a substance use disorder, please reach out to BrightView at 888-501-9865.


Here are a few resources you can use to learn more about Medication Assisted Treatment:


  1. What is Suboxone: Suboxone is the brand name of a medication for addiction treatment that is FDA-approved and safe for long-term use for those in recovery. To read more about this medication, please click the link.


  1. Subutex VS. Suboxone: As the opioid crisis continues to have devastating effects on our communities, more medications have been developed to fight against it. Subutex and Suboxone are two different medications that have been widely studied and proven to be effective and safe to use.


  1. Does Methadone Show Up on a Drug Test: Methadone is a prescription medication used to treat substance use disorder. When patients are using methadone as part of their recovery treatment plan, they often ask whether having the drug in their system will make them test positive on a drug test. Click the link to learn more about Methadone and find out if it shows up in drug tests.


  1. How Long Can You Take Vivitrol: One major obstacle in treating patients with substance use disorder is a common issue with other medications; the patient can forget to take their medicine daily. This is one reason that Vivitrol, also known as naltrexone, can be a great choice for some people.


  1. Side Effects of Methadone: Methadone was first approved by the FDA in 1947 for analgesic and antitussive uses and was later approved for addiction treatment. The drug itself is an opiate and should only be used in a controlled environment. There are many potential side effects of methadone that patients should be aware of during treatment.


Begin Recovery at BrightView

At BrightView, we want to help anyone who needs support in treating substance use disorder. Medication assisted treatment is part of the treatment plan we offer to help patients reach long-term recovery. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, please give us a call or schedule an appointment online. We treat you like a person and addiction like a disease.

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