BrightView Health, a comprehensive outpatient addiction treatment provider and the largest addiction medicine practice in Ohio, is welcoming a new Chief Medical Officer.  R. Corey Waller, MD, MS, FACEP, DFASAM has more than two decades of experience practicing emergency and addiction medicine, research and advocacy, outcomes quality assurance, and practice management.  He will assume the role in mid-October and take on primary responsibility for medical staff recruitment, training, and development; treatment design, standardization, and education; and outcome evaluation. 

With nearly 20,000 patients under care, BrightView has consistently researched and published outcomes data to impact best practices in addiction treatment and mental health.  Dr. Waller joins the practice to focus on improving national standards of care for patients with substance use disorder. 

“I am thrilled by the opportunity to join the leadership team at BrightView,” Dr. Waller, BrightView’s new Chief Medical Officer, began. “I see it as a tremendous opportunity to continue pursuing my passion of improving and standardizing care in an often stigmatized and misunderstood area of healthcare.  There is an immediate need for research, data science, and care standardization.  I can’t wait to continue building on the robust foundation that Dr. Ryan, Dr. Kang, and the other leaders at BrightView have constructed.  We have so much to do, but I believe this is the best team to drive change.” 


“When we founded BrightView in 2015, our vision was to radically improve the addiction medicine vertical,” explained Dr. Shawn Ryan, cofounder of BrightView Health and former Chief Medical Officer.  “Dr. Waller joining our team is another major step to continue realizing that vision.  We have the right frameworks, analytical power, and sample sizes in place, and with Dr. Waller’s expertise and passion, I am excited to see where we go in the future.” 


Shawn Ryan, MD, MBA, ABEM, FASAM will stay in a leadership role at the organization he cofounded.  Dr. Ryan’s focus will transition to policy and advocacy and his title will change to Chief Science Officer & President, Advocacy and External Relations. 


BrightView’s Chief Quality Officer, Navdeep Kang, Psy.D, HSP added, “Over the last several years, BrightView has constructed and tested several systems that have dramatically improved patient outcomes and care.  Meanwhile, Dr. Waller has dedicated his career to building systems of care which finally rise to meet the challenges faced by our communities today. He has rightfully earned a reputation as one of the foremost experts in addiction medicine and science in the world and we are so thrilled to welcome him to BrightView.” 


The medical and clinical leaders at BrightView plan to continue their industry leading work of collecting and publishing their outcomes data and research.  In an industry often shrouded in stigma, this ongoing transparency is one factor that inspired Dr. Waller to join the practice. 



About BrightView Health: 


Founded in 2015, BrightView provides comprehensive, evidence-based outpatient addiction treatment to thousands of patients in recovery from substance use disorder throughout Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia, Massachusetts, Maryland, Connecticut, Delaware, Arizona, and North Carolina.   


The organization’s 80+ centers provide a practical treatment approach that includes medication assisted treatment (MAT), individual counseling, group therapy, peer support, and wraparound social services, as well as work on co-occurring disorders.  Locations are generally able to dispense medication on-site, which makes treatment comfortable and convenient for patients.  


BrightView’s compassionate and professional staff create an accessible and welcoming environment for physical and emotional healing. BrightView is committed to treating each patient with respect, providing positive reinforcement, and achieving long-term wellness. To learn more, please visit