Outpatient Treatment
By BrightView
Published: February 26, 2021
Updated: February 26, 2021

The goal of both inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment is recovery. The difference, however, is the location. While inpatient treatment involves living on-site at a treatment center, outpatient care is for those who need more flexibility in their schedules. At BrightView, we only offer addiction treatment programs that afford patients the ability to go home to their beds and families at the end of each treatment session.

What Is an Outpatient Addiction Treatment Center?

Although a patient may be struggling with a substance use disorder, they may still have the responsibilities of family, a job, and loved ones. If you are serious about getting the support and guidance that you need to overcome your challenges yet must continue caring for your family and working, an outpatient addiction treatment center may be the perfect place for you to get the help that you need during the recovery process. The experienced, caring professionals at BrightView are passionate about helping patients to manage the challenges of addiction while navigating everyday life. A personalized addiction treatment program can be created with your specific needs in mind. Speak to an addiction treatment specialist today to learn if an outpatient treatment center is right for you.

What Should You Expect at an Outpatient Treatment Center?

You deserve the same care, support, and guidance no matter what type of program best suits your needs for addiction treatment. The compassionate professionals at BrightView work with you to develop the most appropriate plan to ensure your success and recovery. They not only provide you with the best tools and resources to help you reach your goals but as caring individuals, they will walk with you along your journey. We understand that you had a choice and you selected outpatient addiction treatment for a reason. That is why we take pride in making the intake and registration process as simple as possible offering several opportunities for patients to reach out through the online application, by phone, or through one of our many walk-in clinics. Once registration is complete, patients will go through a medical evaluation to determine the current state of addiction to allow the specialists to develop a recovery strategy best suited to meet their individual needs. Patients will then be recommended for one of the many programs and services offered at BrightView, including:

Your program may include individual, group, and family therapy sessions as well as treatment medications as prescribed by a physician.

Learn More About BrightView’s Outpatient Treatment Center

Information about what to expect at BrightView’s Outpatient Addiction Treatment is just a phone call away. Reach out to an addiction treatment specialist or schedule an appointment online to discuss if outpatient treatment is right for you. With more than 22 facilities offering outpatient treatment services in Ohio, there is sure to be a location near you. Why not begin the process of getting your life on track today while taking care of your family? BrightView will provide you with exceptional care while keeping in mind that you have responsibilities to tend to in the process. Through BrightView’s outpatient treatment centers, it is our goal to not only help you to successfully achieve recovery but to develop the tools you need for lifelong sobriety. Patients are treated with the same level of service and respect as an inpatient treatment center but with the understanding that they are managing more than just their addiction. Give us a call today to begin your journey to recovery through our outpatient addiction treatment 833-510-4357, or let us call you.