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Published: April 2, 2022
Updated: April 21, 2022

Alcohol Awareness Month, sponsored by the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD), is observed every April. Alcohol continues to be one of the most significant public health issues in the country, with alcohol use disorder affecting the lives of millions. Alcohol use disorder results in thousands of deaths every year, putting it near the top of the list of preventable causes of death in America. The goal of Alcohol Awareness Month is to spread awareness of the consequences of alcohol use and the possibility of treatment and prevention. Another main objective is to eliminate the stigma surrounding alcohol use disorder, as it is one of the main barriers to individuals seeking treatment.

If you or someone you know needs alcohol addiction treatment near Columbus, OH, BrightView is ready to help. Alcohol use disorders can vary in severity, with the worst cases being life-threatening. Getting treatment sooner rather than later is vitally important when people are causing damage to themselves and their loved ones. Because 84% of Ohioans are thirty minutes or less from a BrightView center, we are a leading provider of addiction treatment in the Buckeye State. Learn more about our three alcohol rehab locations near Columbus by calling 888.501.9865 or completing our online contact form.

Observing Alcohol Awareness Month in Columbus, Ohio

Excessive consumption of alcohol can have serious health consequences and have a detrimental effect on all areas of a person’s life, including school, work, and personal relationships. People tend to underestimate the amount they’re drinking and overestimate their ability to stop. They fail to make the connection between their alcohol use and the impact on their lives, as well as on the lives of others. This type of denial is also often present in an individual’s family and friends, as they are uncomfortable addressing the severity of the problem.

BrightView observes Alcohol Awareness Month because it gives public health bodies, treatment facilities, and the wider community the chance to reach people who may not understand the dangers of excessive alcohol use. 

Our BrightView team sheds light on the causes of alcohol addiction and possible treatments at our three addiction treatment centers in the Columbus area, which are:

  • BrightView Columbus East
  • BrightView Columbus-Westbourne Ave.
  • BrightView Columbus West

Alcohol Awareness Month also provides the opportunity for people from Central Ohio who have successfully recovered to share their experiences with alcohol use and support those looking to begin their recovery.

2020 Columbus and Franklin County Addiction Plan

The City of Columbus and Franklin County recently updated the former Franklin County Opiate Action Plan to include all substances that lead to addiction, including alcohol. One of the goals of the new Columbus and Franklin County Addiction Plan (CFCAP) is to “…provide culturally appropriate messaging on the harms of alcohol and substance use to communities disproportionately targeted by the alcohol industry.” 1 Our BrightView team fully endorses this addiction plan as part of Alcohol Addiction Month because it also brings attention to the public health crisis of alcohol addiction in Central Ohio.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment at BrightView Columbus

Our BrightView team believes in advancing the conversation of alcohol addiction treatment through events such as Alcohol Awareness Month. We recognize that alcohol addiction affects people from all walks of life, so we want to ensure that access to industry-leading treatment at BrightView is available to those who are ready to make a positive change in their lives. To accomplish this goal, we provide a multidisciplinary approach to alcohol addiction at our three Columbus, OH, locations.

Alcohol addiction treatment at BrightView Columbus East, BrightView Columbus-Westbourne Ave., and BrightView Columbus West all include:

  • Medication for Addiction Treatment – Our BrightView team is highly qualified to administer medication to ease potentially painful alcohol withdrawal symptoms.
  • Individual counseling – During individual counseling, patients work one-on-one with a therapist to identify and heal from the root causes of addiction, including mental health disorders or trauma.
  • Group therapy – Group therapy sessions at BrightView Columbus locations provide a safe space for patients to share thoughts and emotions about recovery and build bonds with like-minded people.
  • Case management – Our BrightView case managers are the “coaches” for our patients, as they oversee treatment and advocate for our patients.
  • Social support – Social support at BrightView helps people maintain their motivation in recovery and overcome any barriers to their success.

Begin Recovery at a BrightView Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center in Columbus, Ohio 

If you or someone you know is currently facing alcohol addiction, we at BrightView are ready to help you get started on the road to recovery. We understand that when seeking an alcohol rehab location in Columbus, it is crucial to fit your treatment to your unique situation and circumstances, so we proudly provide three convenient locations in the Columbus area.

At BrightView, we view addiction as a disease that can be treated. Find out more about how we can help you overcome alcohol addiction by calling us today at 888.501.9865 or contacting us online.

  1.  The City of Columbus – 2020 Columbus and Franklin County Addiction Plan Information