Drug Addiction Treatment
By BrightView
Published: March 22, 2021
Updated: March 22, 2021

As with any disease or chronic illness, finding the right treatment is the first step in recovery from a substance use disorder. Treating addiction is a process that often requires several months for patients to regain control of their lives and acquire the coping skills necessary to live a healthy and happy life drug and alcohol-free. The best outcomes are patients who participate in a substance abuse treatment program and are monitored by physicians and mental health professionals. At BrightView, we understand that deciding to seek help may be the most difficult decision of a person’s life, but in fact, it is the most important. We have experienced doctors and addiction specialists on staff to help you begin your journey now. Find out how doctors at BrightView treat a substance use disorder by calling 888.501.9865.

Treating Addiction is a Process

Each person’s experience with drugs and alcohol is unique and requires a unique and tailored approach to treatment. The goal of treatment is to remove substance use from a person’s life and help them move forward toward living the life they want. Doctors keep the following components of successful recovery in mind as they develop the right treatment plan for each individual to meet their specific needs:

  • Addiction is a treatable disease that requires attention and patience.
  • Treatment takes time. It is a process and a patient may need to remain in treatment for as long as necessary.
  • Relapses do occur. Not because of a lack of willpower or desire but as a factor in the process. A relapse does not indicate a person has failed.
  • A treatment plan must consider the whole person, including mental, physical, and emotional health.
  • Substance use disorder is as unique as individual personalities. Physicians must consider each patient’s family history, the substance involved, and mental health challenges that may co-occur in developing a treatment plan.

Substance abuse treatment is not something that can be done alone or “cold turkey.” Those who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction must remain committed to the process to achieve the results that they desire. However, staying on track is often difficult as self-doubt and fear threaten their sobriety and progress. The mental health professionals at BrightView work with patients to provide the tools and resources to overcome addiction in the short-term and walk with them along the path to long-term sobriety. Learn more about how you or a loved one can receive help for a substance use disorder through the online form.

What Happens in a Recovery Center?

Drug and alcohol addiction is a serious yet treatable disease. If left untreated, it can have life-threatening consequences that may impact a person’s physical health, relationships, and ability to hold down a job. Treatment is not simply about overcoming immediate temptations, thoughts, and negative behaviors. It is about creating a lifestyle geared toward growth, improvement, and living a fulfilling life. When a patient enters a substance abuse treatment center, they are evaluated for the level and type of addiction. Addiction specialists will inquire about their current living situation, family history of use, and provide detailed information about the treatment program’s expectations. Patients will meet with a physician to discuss current health concerns, medical history and to address the many questions that patients may have about the process. Medication may also be prescribed at this time to assist a patient with withdrawal symptoms. A treatment plan will be developed to include counseling and virtual therapy where patients will learn healthy coping skills, develop communication skills to improve relationships, and change their actions and behaviors.

Learn More About Treating Addiction at BrightView

Treating alcohol and drug addiction begins with a person deciding to take the first step to seek help. Although the road may be long and sometimes bumpy, recovery is possible. With 22 locations throughout Ohio, BrightView knows that taking this step requires courage and commitment. Our experienced physicians and addiction specialists are here to help you or a loved one get on this road to recovery and will walk with you each step of the way. We offer a broad range of treatment options to best meet each individual’s needs, including:

The key to recovery from addiction is finding the right treatment plan. BrightView makes finding and enrolling in a treatment program easy, with immediate care available in any of our welcoming treatment centers. No one is turned away, and we even offer telehealth options to ensure that everyone can receive the addiction treatment they need. Learn more about how we can help you or a loved one treat a substance use disorder and get started on the road to recovery today by calling 888.501.9865 or using the online form.