Kentucky Patients Overcome Insurmountable Challenges in Their Recovery Journeys

BrightView Health is serving a record number of patients recovering from a substance use disorder — more than 5,000 just in Kentucky. Since opening its first Kentucky location in 2020, BrightView has expanded to offer its addiction treatment program to Kentuckians in all regions of the state. With 17 centers, most residents in the Bluegrass state now live within 30 minutes of a BrightView center.

Every single one of BrightView’s 5,000 patients has a unique story that has been rewritten because of their recovery. Overdoses have been avoided, parents have gotten children back, employment has been achieved, education milestones have been reached, relapses have been prevented, and more. Further, BrightView patients have seen a material decrease in arrests and justice system involvement and reduced use of emergency medical services throughout the state.

BrightView’s medical, behavioral health, social services, and laboratory staff have provided more than 156,000 hours of behavioral health and more than 73,000 hours of medical care to the states’ most vulnerable populations. The scope of services helps patients rebuild their lives as part of their recovery and achieve key goals like completing high school equivalency, finding employment, navigating the child and family services system, purchasing reliable transportation, and beyond.

A patient at BrightView’s Hazard center stated, “I know if it wasn’t for the people here, I couldn’t have done this on my own. They don’t look down on you or judge you by your past. I’m very proud of where I am at in life right now.”

“Too many Kentucky residents have died because of their addiction,” said Rhonda Roper, BrightView’s Vice President of Quality Operations, “At BrightView, we are treating that disease. With BrightView’s best-in-class care, published outcomes data, contributions to scientific research, and comprehensive care model, we are honored to lead the conversation on recovery in the state.”

“Addiction can affect anyone at any time,” said Crystal Barajas, BrightView’s Community Outreach Manager in Louisville. “That is why we are out in our communities providing resources and care to those who need it.”

BrightView plans to open additional centers in Kentucky by the end of the year. The centers will serve patients in Lexington and Louisville region.

About BrightView: 
Founded in 2015, BrightView provides comprehensive, evidence-based outpatient addiction treatment to thousands of patients in recovery from substance use disorder throughout 7 states.

The organization’s more than 85 centers provide a practical treatment approach that includes medication assisted treatment (MAT), individual counseling, group therapy, and wraparound social services, as well as work on co-occurring disorders. Locations are generally able to dispense medication on-site, which makes treatment comfortable and convenient for patients.

BrightView’s compassionate and professional staff create an accessible and welcoming environment for physical and emotional healing. BrightView is committed to treating each patient with respect, providing positive reinforcement, and achieving long-term wellness. To learn more, please visit