Drug Addiction Treatment
By BrightView
Published: November 5, 2020
Updated: February 8, 2024

Could you have a marijuana addiction? Many people believe this drug is not habit-forming or that it is even safe to use every day, but this is not the case. For many people, it can create an addiction and, over time, that can create serious health problems. If you are using it and have developed a drug addiction, we encourage you to reach out to our team for our marijuana use disorder treatment program. At BrightView, we’re here to help you.

How Does Marijuana Addiction Happen?

Marijuana is a psychoactive chemical. That means it changes the way your brain functions when you use it. It is by far the most commonly used illicit drug in the United States. Even though it is so heavily used, that doesn’t make it safe to use. For many, it creates addiction and tolerance and may lead to the need to use more intense drugs to reach the same level of euphoria. Marijuana addiction can occur when a person uses the drug over a period of time. Because of the way it interacts with the brain, your body can become so used to it that it does not function properly when you don’t have it. Over time, this leads to more use. You may develop a tolerance for it quickly, which may make it harder for you to avoid other drugs. Eventually, you may find it very difficult to stop using. When you don’t use it, you may develop withdrawal, a clear indication that marijuana addiction has occurred.

Do You Have a Marijuana Addiction?

How do you know you’ve developed a drug addiction? It’s not always easy to know this. With marijuana, many people don’t recognize it at all. Some of the most common signs of this type of drug addiction include:

  • Thinking about or using the drug daily or frequently
  • An increasing need for more of the drug to get the same sensation or high
  • Putting aside responsibilities, relationships, or health to use the drug
  • Knowing that it is a bad thing to use and still doing so
  • Hiding your drug use from others

It’s not common for a person to overdose from this drug. It can happen. However, you may still feel withdrawal and cravings when you do not use. That’s a clear indication that you have an addiction and need help from a medication assisted treatment program.

What Can a Marijuana Addiction Treatment Program Do for You?

With the help of our marijuana addiction treatment, we can help your body to slowly stop maintaining that dependency on the drug. Over time, you will not feel those cravings and you’ll have better control over your health and outcome. In addition to this, we have the tools to support you in dealing with the complexities that come from drug use such as health problems. Your program of care is always specific to your needs. Our marijuana addiction treatment includes a variety of tools to help you. This may include:

If you have a drug addiction of any type, you have the ability to get help from our team at BrightView. Marijuana addiction can claim a lot from you if you don’t take steps to overcome this disease. We can help you do that with a range of treatment options.

Marijuana Addiction Treatment at BrightView

If you have a marijuana addiction, there are treatment programs that can help you. Our team at BrightView provides a comprehensive marijuana addiction treatment program designed to provide you with exceptional care. We can teach you about your drug addiction and what it means for your future to start on the path to recovery. Call 833-510-4357 to learn more.