Outpatient Treatment
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By BrightView
Published: February 23, 2024
Updated: January 18, 2024

Middletown is one of the towns most impacted by opioid addiction in Butler County. Between 2016 and 2018, there were a total of 1,991 overdoses recorded, 204 of which were fatal.1

Although these statistics are unsettling, the opioid epidemic does not have to continue taking lives. Learning how to find outpatient treatment in Middletown, OH, can help you or someone you love release the grip of opioid use disorder (OUD) and move on toward a healthier, more satisfying lifestyle.

When seeking help for substance use disorder, some people worry about the time commitment involved in treatment. But with BrightView’s outpatient addiction treatment in Middletown, OH, you will enjoy the flexibility and convenience of treatment plans that fit your schedule. Call us today at 888.501.9865 to discuss our treatment options.

Should You Find Outpatient Addiction Treatment in Middletown, OH?

Sometimes, the only people who recognize the need for professional addiction treatment are the loved ones of the person dealing with a substance use disorder. If SUD is severe, coworkers and acquaintances may also notice signs that the person needs help.

If you are unsure that your consumption of drugs or alcohol is a problem, consider the following signs that you may need outpatient treatment in Middletown, OH:

  • People in your life have expressed concern over your substance use.
  • You are having relationship problems concerning substance use. You might be arguing more with your partner or isolating yourself from friends or family.
  • Your job is suffering due in part to substance use. This could look like calling out of work frequently, showing up late, being less productive, or producing subpar work.
  • You are having legal or financial problems with substance use. This could involve risky behaviors like driving under the influence, getting into altercations, being involved in illegal acts like theft, or being arrested for illegal substance possession.

It can be challenging to hear your loved ones’ concerns about substance use, and you may even feel defensive, as though they are attacking you. But it is essential to try to see things from their perspective. Try to look at your alcohol or drug consumption objectively and consider that it may be negatively impacting your life.

The Advantages of Outpatient Addiction Treatment Near Middletown

If you have realized that your substance use behaviors are harmful and you need help to quit, you might still be hesitant about enrolling in professional addiction treatment. This is perfectly normal, and there are many possible reasons for this. Some people worry about the time commitment because they are concerned about working a job or caring for children or other family members. Others are afraid of the cost of addiction treatment and whether their insurance will cover it. However, consider the following advantages of outpatient treatment:

  • It is more convenient than residential treatment, as you do not need to stay at the facility overnight.
  • Adapting to your work schedule is easier since you do not attend sessions as often as in inpatient programs.
  • It is more affordable than inpatient treatment.
  • You will have access to medications as part of a medication assisted treatment program to minimize withdrawal symptoms.

If you are still nervous about enrolling in a program, you can always contact your trusted addiction treatment center with any questions or concerns.

Reach Out to BrightView for Outpatient Treatment in Middletown, OH

If you need the help of outpatient addiction treatment near Middletown, OH, you can rely on BrightView. Call us today at 888.501.9865 or complete our online form to learn more about our outpatient treatment options, or stop by anytime before 3:00 p.m. on weekdays. We are located at 4421 Roosevelt Blvd in the Crossroads Market Shopping Plaza, just a few doors from Midas.