Drug Addiction Treatment
By BrightView
Published: March 5, 2021
Updated: March 5, 2021

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is an effective substance abuse treatment used to reduce symptoms of withdrawal, improve chances of recovery for addiction, and encourage long-term sobriety. Although this treatment approach is used in many high-quality treatment centers, many people mistakenly believe that using Suboxone for MAT is simply swapping one drug for another. Unlike addictive substances, Suboxone allows individuals to manage pain and find relief from cravings and withdrawal symptoms. At BrightView, we understand how misconceptions may prevent some people from receiving the treatment they need. Throughout Ohio, we have established Suboxone clinics to provide patients ease of access, immediate care, and the empathy that they need to get on the road to recovery. Find a Suboxone clinic near you by calling 888.501.9865.

Drug Addiction Treatment Programs

Effective drug addiction treatment consists of medication assisted treatment, counseling, and behavioral therapies. Finding the right program is critical to a successful recovery and long-term sobriety but may not always be easy. It is also important for patients to feel comfortable, welcome, and respected. At BrightView, we offer outpatient and intensive outpatient programs tailored to the needs of the individual and not just the disease of addiction, including:

Each program is designed to provide patients with the structure and education to help them along the path to sobriety no matter their stage of the disease. We base our programs on evidence-based research by leading medical experts in the field. At BrightView, we understand the complexities of drug addiction, taking a patient-centered approach to recovery. Through our outpatient programs, we meet each individual where they are and provide them with the tools and resources to overcome their addiction challenges while maintaining stability in their lives and families. Find out how you or a loved one can begin the road to recovery now by scheduling an appointment online or calling 888.501.9865.

What Makes Medication Assisted Treatment Effective

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is an effective addiction treatment option for drug and alcohol addiction. FDA-approved medications such as Suboxone are prescribed and administered by experienced medical professionals after a thorough clinical intake assessment has been completed. These medications can help individuals in recovery find relief from withdrawal symptoms such as insomnia or headaches, as well as cravings. BrightView provides patients with the comprehensive support that they need to overcome addiction using a combination of medical treatment, counseling, and behavioral therapies in an outpatient or intensive outpatient treatment program. Suboxone treatment is just one of the many MAT options available to substance users to treat addiction. Find out how you or a loved one can receive drug addiction treatment by calling 888.501.9865.

Learn More About BrightView’s Suboxone Clinics in Ohio

With its 22 locations and 15 MAT clinics throughout Ohio, BrightView takes a different approach to drug addiction treatment, believing that long-term recovery is sustained not only through MAT, but more importantly, by treating each patient with respect and compassion. Addiction specialists at BrightView have designed the drug addiction treatment programs for and with the users’ specific needs in mind and are founded on respect for patients, accountability, responsibility, and excellence in care. Therefore, it is the ideal option when searching for an outpatient treatment program and Suboxone clinic in Ohio. Suboxone treatment is just one part of the recovery process. The experienced addiction specialists at BrightView are here to walk with you or a loved one throughout every step of the recovery journey to guide you to a lifetime of sobriety. Discover how you can take advantage of all that BrightView’s outpatient treatment program has to offer by using the online form or by calling 888.501.9865.