Opioid Addiction Treatment
person in group therapy after finding medication assisted treatment for opioid addiction
By BrightView
Published: November 15, 2023
Updated: October 23, 2023

If you or someone you know is struggling with opioid addiction, it’s essential to know that help is available. Medication assisted treatment (MAT) for opioid addiction has proven effective in managing withdrawal symptoms while reducing the risk of relapse. Learning what MAT is and how it works can help you find MAT for opioid addiction.

At BrightView, our focus is on individualized care that meets each patient’s unique needs. Our three pillars of ease of access, atmosphere/environment, and immediacy of care ensure that patients can begin their journey to recovery quickly and without judgment.

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What Is Medication Assisted Treatment for Opioid Addiction?

Medication assisted treatment is a comprehensive approach to treating opioid addiction that combines medication with counseling and behavior therapies. Medications used in medication assisted treatment for opioid addiction include methadone, buprenorphine, and naltrexone. These medications help alleviate withdrawal symptoms and reduce cravings, making it easier for individuals to recover.

MAT is a long-term treatment program that takes into account the individual needs of each patient. It is not a one-size-fits-all approach, and treatment plans may differ depending on the patient’s age, medical history, and other factors.

How Does MAT for Opioid Addiction Work?

MAT for opioid addiction works by targeting the brain’s opioid receptors, which are responsible for the euphoric effects of opioids. Medications used in MAT bind to these receptors, which helps to reduce cravings and prevent withdrawal symptoms. Counseling and behavior therapies are also essential to MAT, as they help patients address the underlying causes of their addiction and develop the skills and tools needed to recover.

MAT is effective in reducing opioid use and preventing relapse. It can also help alleviate withdrawal symptoms and reduce cravings, allowing individuals to focus on recovery.

MAT has a lower risk of overdose compared to continuing drug use, and it can also help reduce the risk of transmission of infectious diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis C.

Finding MAT for Opioid Addiction

If you’re looking for MAT for opioid addiction, there are a few things to remember. First, finding a provider offering a comprehensive care approach is crucial, including medications and counseling. Second, look for a provider offering individualized treatment plans, as this will ensure your specific needs are addressed. Finally, consider the location of the provider, as you’ll want to be able to access treatment easily.

MAT for Opioid Use Disorder at BrightView

BrightView is a leading provider of medication assisted treatment for opioid use disorder. Our program combines medications with counseling and behavior therapies, giving patients the support they need for long-term recovery. We offer outpatient and intensive outpatient programs, making it easier for patients to fit treatment into their daily lives. We also offer telehealth options, which allow patients to participate in therapy sessions from the comfort of their own homes.

Our individualized treatment plans take into account the unique needs of each patient. We accept all insurance, including Medicaid, making it easier for patients to access the necessary care. Our peer recovery support program allows patients to speak with someone who has been in their shoes, giving them the support and encouragement they need to stay in recovery.

Begin Opioid Addiction Treatment at BrightView Today

BrightView offers MAT for opioid addiction at over 50 locations throughout Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia, Delaware, North Carolina, Arizona, Maryland, and Massachusetts. Our treatment programs are designed to be easily accessible, with 84% of Ohioans and 54% of Kentuckians living within 30 minutes of a BrightView center.

If you or someone you know is struggling with opioid addiction, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Contact BrightView today at 888.501.9865 or online to learn more about how we can help you achieve long-term recovery from opioid addiction.