Addiction Recovery
By BrightView
Published: November 17, 2023
Updated: February 21, 2024

Methadone is proven effective in helping people with substance use disorders regain control over their lives. Despite methadone being a well-established medication, people tend to misunderstand it due to misinformation and stereotypes attached to the medication.


Key Takeaways

  • Methadone is highly regulated, yet highly limited.
  • Having a substance use disorder is not synonymous with being a criminal.
  • Methadone take-home doses do not lead to increased overdose deaths.
  • Withdrawal is not like the flu, it is worse and can be mitigated with methadone.

During a recent webinar, BrightView’s Dr. Heidi Ginter, State Medical Director of Massachusetts and Mikaela Taylor, State Behavioral Health Director for Ohio, shared their behavioral health and medical expertise on this important tool used in MOUD (medications for opioid use disorder) programs worldwide.


What is Methadone?

Dr. Ginter detailed the composition of methadone and how it reacts differently than other medications for opioid use disorder (MOUDs).   She stressed that we have dozens of medications to treat high blood pressure, but we only have three to treat OUD.  As a result, it’s critical we have all three available to be able to treat patients with OUD effectively.

“There are dozens of medications to treat high blood pressure, but only 3 to treat opioid use disorders.”
— Dr. Heidi Ginter

The Danger of Stigma & Misconceptions

The primary issue of methadone treatment is not the methadone itself; it is the underlying opioid disorder. There’s a difference between addiction and dependence and it’s key to remember that with successful methadone treatment; the compulsive behavior, loss of control, constant cravings, withdrawal, and other hallmarks of opioid use disorder dissipate.

When the active signs and symptoms of addiction are under control, we call that remission or recovery.   Physical dependence, unlike addiction, is not a dangerous medical condition that requires treatment, knowing the difference between the two is critical.


Methadone: A Proven-Effective MOUD

Methadone saves individual lives, improves public health in communities, reduces drug-related criminal activity, increases access to comprehensive care and helps people achieve long term recovery. To learn more about the facts and myths, check out our recording of their webinar.

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