Alcohol Addiction
By BrightView
Published: December 16, 2020
Updated: December 16, 2020

If your spouse is drinking every day, you might have cause for concern. It can be difficult to watch your spouse struggle with substance abuse. Addiction can impact your marriage, your finances, and your spouse’s health. You want them to just stop drinking. You want to go back to the way it was before you had to worry about your spouse and addiction. What can you do? The most important first step is to realize you can get help for your loved one by turning to our team at BrightView.

What It’s Like to Have a Spouse Who Is Addicted to Alcohol

When it comes to your spouse and addiction, it’s sometimes hard to see this situation clearly. Alcoholism is a disease. It’s much like heart disease or cancer. It’s not something that your loved one can just stop and instantly feel fixed. It takes time to build healthy coping skills and rebuild their life. When you think about alcoholism as a disease, you can see that your loved one needs the right type of help to get them to the other side. One of the things you can do about your spouse and addiction is to fight for them right now. Even if they don’t think anything is wrong and will not commit to getting help, you can talk to our team at BrightView to learn more about our programs and resources. When you do, we can help you to know what you’re up against and give you the tools to fight it. Take a step now to do this by learning more about our services and the way we work. Our programs and services include:

With this information, our counselors can give you some insight into your options. The key is taking the next step to get your loved one care.

Talk to Your Loved One About Alcoholism Openly

You’re going to need to have a hard talk with your loved one about what’s happening. Instead of yelling or fighting, talk to them about what this addiction is doing to you. Sometimes, if your spouse is struggling with addiction, it’s important to present just the facts about what’s changed and why. Here are some things to talk about with your spouse:

  • Do they miss family functions or experiences because of their alcohol use?
  • Are they no longer engaging in life at home with you and your kids?
  • Are the home’s finances in bad shape because of their drug and alcohol use?
  • Do you think about them being in an accident or suffering early death because of their use?
  • Is your child at risk when they are high? They may not remember this.

When you present facts to your loved one like this, you open their eyes to how much things have changed. You also provide them with insight into what you’re dealing with right now. Helping your spouse with addiction requires careful attention. It also means you have to take the high road with your spouse and addiction risks. That means telling them they cannot be a part of their family’s functions or use the family’s finances to fund their alcoholism. If you don’t feel safe, don’t stay in the home. Make the decision to leave or make it impossible for them to come home until they get help.

Call BrightView if Your Spouse Is Addicted to Alcohol

When it comes to spouse addiction, it’s hard to not be able to help. That’s why you can do something now. Reach out to our team at BrightView to learn more about the treatment we offer to help your spouse with addiction. If your spouse can’t stop drinking, it’s time to find help. We can offer solutions to help you find a path to getting him or her the help they need. Call 833-510-4357 to learn more.