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Published: January 3, 2023
Updated: January 12, 2023

If you have considered quitting alcohol, the new year may be one of the best times to start. With a new year comes increased motivation and excitement about a fresh beginning. Take advantage of this positive momentum to help you achieve your alcohol addiction recovery goals.

At BrightView, we understand how the new year may bring to light all the goals you want to achieve in life, including addiction recovery goals. While we are here all year long to support your recovery, we want to encourage you to set New Year’s resolutions that bring you closer to the healthier lifestyle you deserve.

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Setting Alcohol Addiction Recovery Goals

Setting addiction recovery goals is somewhat different than making New Year’s resolutions. Both involve focusing on what you wish to achieve the following year, but addiction recovery goals are more specific to lifestyle changes that will help sustain your recovery. Your sober goals will also vary based on your alcohol use history and where you are in your recovery.

Here are some ideas for alcohol addiction recovery goals:

  • If you are dependent on alcohol or have a mild alcohol use disorder, your goal may involve tapering off your consumption. To stay safe and avoid severe withdrawal symptoms, you may wish to check with a medical professional before attempting a taper.
  • If you are hesitant to get treatment, regardless of the reason, you may want to take baby steps to achieve your goals. Set the first milestone for something as simple as making a phone call or reaching out through online chat to a treatment center just to get more information. Each small milestone can get you closer to sobriety.
  • If you have received treatment in the past but have relapsed, you can set goals to get back on track. This can involve attending therapy sessions weekly, sticking to recommended medications, and speaking with a case manager to obtain necessary social services.

These are just a few suggestions for alcohol addiction recovery goals. You can choose any of the above or use them as inspiration for setting goals that suit your situation.

How to Support New Year’s Resolutions to Quit Drinking

It is easy to say that you will quit drinking beginning January 1st. However, this can be a lofty goal without the proper resources to help you achieve it. Here are some tips to help you achieve your alcohol addiction recovery goals in the new year:

  • Spend time with others who do not drink. This will make it easier to abstain since you will not have the temptation of alcohol right in front of you.
  • If your social life consists primarily of outings or events involving alcohol, make suggestions for get-togethers not traditionally associated with drinking.
  • Some ideas for sober activities are hiking, attending fitness classes, going to the park, visiting museums or historical sites, or going to the movies.
  • Join a support group. You can socialize with others in the same boat who are trying to stay sober. They can be an excellent resource for managing the challenges that can arise in recovery.
  • Enroll in a peer support program. You may be paired with a peer leader who can mentor you through the sometimes tumultuous moments in recovery.
  • Enroll in a substance use disorder treatment program. These programs can provide you with therapy, case management, and medications if needed. They can also develop a relapse prevention plan to help you manage triggers.

These are just a few actions you can take to support your alcohol addiction recovery goals. The more you find ways to enjoy your life without alcohol, the easier it will be to abstain for the long term.

BrightView: Your Resource for Outpatient Alcohol Addiction Recovery

If you or someone you love is trying to quit drinking in the new year, BrightView can help you on your journey. Our outpatient alcohol addiction treatment programs make recovery more convenient so you can keep up with your daily responsibilities at work or home.

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