Alcohol Addiction Treatment
By BrightView
Published: December 20, 2020
Updated: June 3, 2021

When it comes to genetics and addiction, are the two linked? If your grandfather or mother used drugs, does that mean you’ll likely do the same? Even if there is a genetic link for addiction, a treatment program can help you overcome substance abuse. Learn more about the genetics behind addiction and reach out for help from a treatment center like BrightView today.

Do Genetics Impact Addiction?

Studies that looked at factors such as twins, siblings, adoptees, and others have found that there is some concern that genetics and addiction have a link to each other. Yet, that is not always the case. There are many other factors that can contribute to addiction as well, including an individual’s environment and lifestyle. According to some studies, about half of a person’s risk factor for developing an addiction is related to his or her genetics. That applies to any type of addiction, such as to nicotine, alcohol, prescription drugs, or illicit drugs. It’s important to know that risk. If you know a loved one has been through addiction, recognize that this means you’ll have to work harder, in some cases, to avoid the onset of addiction yourself.

Genetics and Addiction: Is It a Disease?

If addiction issues are impacted by your genetics, it may seem as though you have to consider addiction as a disease, not just something that happens when people make bad mistakes. That’s the truth. When it comes to why people cannot stop drinking or using drugs, it’s because of the development of dependence and tolerance. That makes it nearly impossible for people to simply say no and start the healing process. Most diseases are complex. How they impact someone and the severity of complications they cause are, in fact, very different even from one person to the next. That means that if you have a loved one with an addiction, it doesn’t mean you’re going to struggle with substance abuse.

Environmental Factors Impact Addiction

A person’s exposure to genetics is just one component of this process. The environment he or she grows up in also plays a role in whether or not a person will develop an addiction. This includes things like:

  • Watching a loved one use as they grew up
  • Experiencing trauma
  • Watching a parent use alcohol to soothe pain
  • Illness that leads to chronic pain
  • High-stress lifestyle
  • Lack of a healthy diet or physical activity during early years

As you can see, a lot of these are factors you can control. Knowing that you have more ability to overcome the risks of addiction.

Reach Out for Help for Addiction

At BrightView, we know it’s important to understand what your addiction risks are. Yet, it is also important to recognize the need for help right away. If you are using drugs and alcohol with a family history, you’re at a higher risk. Yet, having that risk doesn’t mean you can’t overcome your addiction. Our team can help you with that through a wide range of treatment programs designed to provide you with exceptional care and attention to your needs. Learn more about how we can help you:

No Matter the Cause, BrightView Can Help with Addiction

Genetics may play a role in what’s happening with you or your loved one when it comes to addiction. Yet, no matter if genetics and addiction are linked in your situation, there is help available to you for fighting and overcoming it right here at BrightView. Call our compassionate counselors for fast, reliable help today. Call 833-510-4357 to learn more.