Drug Addiction Treatment
A group of people discussing the harm reduction model
By BrightView
Published: October 16, 2023
Updated: February 21, 2024

Often, people who want to start treatment are apprehensive because of the possibility that they could slip up anywhere along the way. We get it. BrightView recognizes that addiction is not a well paved, one-way street. Addiction is a path with many obstacles, roadblocks, with twists and turns along the way. A lapse or “slip up” while someone is in recovery is certainly not inevitable, but it is also not uncommon. This is why BrightView adheres to the harm reduction model of treatment. To learn more about addiction recovery programs, call us today at 888.501.9865.

What Is the Harm Reduction Model of Addiction Treatment?

The harm reduction model is an approach to addiction treatment that focuses on reducing the negative consequences of drug and alcohol use, rather than requiring complete abstinence. It recognizes that substance use is a complex issue. It strives to minimize the harms associated with it. At the same time, it also acknowledges that total abstinence may not be an attainable goal for everyone.

How Does Harm Reduction Work?

Harm reduction strategies include providing access to clean needles for injection drug users. This offers safe spaces for drug use, and distributing overdose-reversing medication. These initiatives aim to prevent the spread of diseases through needle sharing, decrease the risk of overdose deaths, and promote safer drug use practices. Harm reduction also involves addressing underlying issues such as poverty, trauma, and mental health that may contribute to substance use.

Is Harm Reduction Effective?

There is evidence that harm reduction strategies can reduce drug-related harms. In fact, it can also improve overall health outcomes for individuals struggling with addiction. Many studies have shown that providing clean needles, safe injection sites, and overdose-reversing medication can decrease rates of infectious diseases, overdose deaths, and other negative consequences of drug use.

Brightview and Harm Reduction

For us, the harm reduction model means that every patient deserves to be treated like a human being—with dignity, respect, empathy, and understanding. We want to provide care that minimizes negative consequences and promotes inclusion and health. In other words, BrightView takes a non-punitive, non-confrontational approach with each of our patients. We are strong advocates of giving patients second chances, or as many chances as they need to reach their ultimate recovery potential.

Like a lot of other addiction treatment centers, BrightView understands that recovery is hard work. Moreover, we understand recovery is most likely one of the hardest things patients will ever have to do in their lives. Addiction treatment is highly structured. It requires a lot of soul-searching as well. Therefore, we emphasize a saying throughout our centers: progress, not perfection.

BrightView will be with our patients every step of the way. If a patient isn’t grasping the right resources, we will work with them to figure out what does work. This might be as simple as changing a medication that a patient is taking or increasing the number of counseling sessions per week. It may also include specialized care, like group therapy specifically for the LGBTQA+ community, or help finding stable housing.

Most patients begin in an intensive program and then graduate into an outpatient program. However, it doesn’t mean that a patient is damaged or broken if it takes them a long time to transition. This is true even if they can’t seem to “grasp” recovery success the first try. What works for one patient, might not work for another, and what works quickly for one patient, might take longer for another. At BrightView, our staff is handpicked.

A Question Of Complementing Values

In addition to the academic and experience prerequisites, their character must resonate with BrightView’s values.  BrightView has always been committed to hiring compassionate and thoughtful people. It isn’t a secret that deciding to work in the “recovery industry” requires kindness, empathy, and most importantly, understanding of how the disease of addiction works. There is no deadline, cutoff date, or time limit in recovery.

Our therapists, nurses, physicians, counselors—all of our behavioral health staff at BrightView—understands that every single patient has a different story. A story of how they “ended up in treatment” and what led to these moments. That also means that every patient has the ability to rewrite the ending of their story.

It’s rather uncommon to come across someone’s “story” that doesn’t include a few glitches and highs and lows along the way.  BrightView understands that there are going to be roadblocks. We have been in the addiction treatment industry long enough to know that not every recovery is accomplished without significant challenges along the way.

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