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Will Ongoing Addiction Treatment Help My Sobriety_
By BrightView
Published: May 14, 2022
Updated: June 16, 2022

Those who have been through treatment for a substance use disorder know that the journey to recovery doesn’t end after completing treatment. Substance use disorders are chronic conditions, meaning that they require ongoing care and management. Just as someone with diabetes or hypertension needs to continue seeing a doctor and taking medication, those in recovery from a substance use disorder benefit from staying engaged in some form of ongoing care, whether that’s individual therapy, group therapy, or 12-step meetings or other forms of support.


Ongoing addiction treatment can be the difference between maintaining sobriety and returning to use. Those who are looking for a different approach to substance use disorder treatment, one that prioritizes ease of access, flexibility, individualized treatment plans, and ongoing support, can find what they need at BrightView. Our many locations across the U.S. provide care that is tailored to the needs of the communities we serve.


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What Is Ongoing Addiction Treatment?


Ongoing addiction treatment, also known as aftercare, refers to the continued care and support that someone in recovery receives after completing a formal treatment program. It can take many different forms, but the goal of ongoing treatment is always to help the individual maintain sobriety and avoid relapse.

How Does Ongoing Addiction Treatment Help?


Ongoing treatment helps by providing the individual with a support system and resources to maintain sobriety. Substance use disorders can impact every part of a person’s life, from their physical health to their mental health, social life, and relationships. In order to recover, it’s important to address all of these areas. Ongoing treatment can provide the stability and structure needed for someone in early recovery to stay on track.


Aftercare for sobriety can take the form of support groups and community resources. There are millions of people in recovery, and all have a unique story to share and perspective on sobriety. Through ongoing treatment, individuals in recovery can connect with others who understand what they’re going through and can offer support, advice, and friendship.


Just a few of the benefits of ongoing treatment include:


  • Connections to employment resources – Help with resumes, interviewing skills, and job searches can assist those in recovery with finding and maintaining employment.
  • Support to maintain housing – For those in recovery who are struggling with homelessness or are at risk of becoming homeless, ongoing treatment can provide the stability and resources needed to maintain housing.
  • Education and support for family members – Often, the family members of those in recovery are also impacted by the substance use disorder. Education and support resources can help them understand the recovery process and how to best support their loved one.


One of the most important benefits of ongoing treatment is the support available for those who have returned to use. Relapse is a part of the recovery journey for many individuals, and it’s a sign that a different approach to treatment might be needed. When those in recovery are connected to a network of support, they’ll have immediate help if they need to return to treatment.

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