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Virginia Focus – BrightView Health & Addiction

Addiction is a topic that affects everyone. What was once regarded as poor judgement or a moral failure, research has lead experts to now say there are four levels of addiction: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual and each one plays a role in both falling into or getting out of addiction. As well, the term addiction is no longer limited to the use of illegal, mind-altering chemicals. There are even some addictions that are socially acceptable.

Pear Therapeutics and BrightView Health Expand Pilot Program to Provide Prescription Digital Therapeutics for the Treatment of Substance Use Disorders

Pear Therapeutics, Inc., announced today the expansion of its collaboration with BrightView Health, an addiction treatment provider that offers evidence-based, outpatient addiction treatment programs. This initiative is designed to provide eligible adults suffering from substance use disorder (SUD) and opioid use disorder (OUD) access to reSET® and reSET-O®.