Alcohol Rehab
By BrightView
Published: September 20, 2023
Updated: October 23, 2023

If your alcohol use concerns you or your loved ones, you may consider searching for alcohol rehab in Pikeville, KY. Knowing the signs of alcohol use disorder (AUD) and the benefits of a recovery program can help inform this important decision. If you want help with AUD and feel ready for safe, effective treatment, call BrightView today at 8335104357.


Signs you may want to consider a recovery program

It can be difficult to tell whether professional help is needed for alcohol use. Drinking is widely accepted socially, even encouraged in many ways. There is often a fine line between casual or social drinking and alcohol dependence or AUD.  Deciding to seek help and doing the work of recovery both come with their own challenges, but the results are worth it.

Here are some signs that you may want to consider seeking help from aa local program that treats alcohol addiction:

  • RELATIVES HAVE ALCOHOL USE DISORDER. Even if it is undiagnosed, if a relative abuses or misuses alcohol, there is a higher likelihood that you will also face the disease.
  • YOU GET INTO TROUBLE WHEN INTOXICATED. This can involve minor issues such as getting into arguments or major problems such as getting arrested.
  • STRUGGLING FINANCIALLY. If you struggle to pay bills but continue to buy alcohol, AUD may be overriding your priorities in life.
  • DECLINING WORK OR SCHOOL PERFORMANCE. If your grades are slipping or your work product is subpar, or if you find yourself asking for extensions or calling out sick due to hangovers, drinking may be interfering with your success.
  • HEALTH PROBLEMS RELATED TO ALCOHOL USE. Excessive drinking can be detrimental to overall health and lead to liver and kidney problems along with various other medical conditions.

It may not always be clear that drinking has evolved into an addiction, but getting help earlier will make the work of recovery easier. Even if you just want to explore what help might look like, there are safe places to do just that.


Benefits of choosing alcohol rehab

Getting help from a treatment center can be life-changing and, in many cases, lifesaving! Reaching out to an evidence-based outpatient program can positively impact your health and happiness. Some benefits from it include:

  • HEALING RELATIONSHIPS – AUD can tear loved ones apart. Even if you are not speaking with some of your family members, family counseling in rehab can help bring you back together.
  • HEALTHY COPING MECHANISMS– Many people turn to alcohol because they do not know how to handle difficult life situations. Therapy during alcohol rehab can teach you healthy coping skills to manage life stressors more effectively.
  • DEALING WITH TRIGGERS AND PREVENTING RELAPSE – A healthy recovery requires a relapse prevention plan. Through individual counseling and group therapy, you will learn how to identify your triggers and eliminate, avoid, or manage them in a way that supports your sobriety.
  • HEALTHIER YOU – Reducing or stopping alcohol intake results in many health benefits. These include a stronger heart, healthier liver, lower blood pressure, and other health outcomes like more restful sleep.

A comprehensive alcohol rehab program can provide you with the above benefits in addition to a more comfortable withdrawal period by prescribing medication for treatment.


BrightView: treatment you can trust

If you or someone you care about is showing signs of an AUD, you can trust the caring professionals at BrightView to guide you toward the path to recovery. Our alcohol rehab in Pikeville offers comprehensive treatment for a whole-person approach to healing. Give us a call at 8335104357 or fill out our online form when you feel ready!

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