Drug Rehab
Boston, MA
By BrightView
Published: July 6, 2023
Updated: November 20, 2023

Substance use disorder is a chronic disease that can be managed through medication, counseling, and social support. Evidence-based addiction treatment programs like BrightView welcome walk-ins, accept Medicaid and other forms of insurance and help reduce barriers. It can be intimidating to take the first steps toward recovery, but outpatient drug rehab in Boston can help. At BrightView, our team members treat each patient as a person and addiction as a disease. If you are ready to begin recovery, reach out to us at 8335104357.


How to find addiction treatment options near you

Finding a drug rehab center in the Boston area that accepts Medicaid or Medicare can be easy when you have access to the right resources. When searching for an addiction treatment center, try some of these tips and tools.

  • REACH OUT: If there is a rehab center that you have in mind, reach out to them to learn more about their services.
  • SAMHSA LOCATOR TOOL: Use the SAMHSA locator tool to find a treatment center in your area. This tool allows you to filter your search by state, city, county, distance, facility type, and type of care.
  • ASK FOR RECOMMENDATIONS: If you are still unsure of where to go, confide in your loved ones or friends in recovery or a medical professional for recommendations on where to seek treatment.


Benefits of attending drug rehab

Substance use disorder (SUD) is a complex disease that often creates many negative effects in a person’s life. Starting recovery is a long-term commitment with results that will begin to positively affect a patient’s life. Here are a few ways drug rehab can benefit those struggling with SUD.

  • SAFE SPACE: It offers a safe, sober environment for patients to focus on healing and feeling healthy again.
  • LEARN NEW SKILLS: Although it may be difficult, addiction treatment programs teach patients how to deal with triggers and stress by using healthy coping skills. It is possible to reprogram ingrained habits and discover new perspectives.
  • MEDICATION FOR ADDICTION TREATMENT (MAT): Evidence-based drug rehab programs offer a treatment option called MAT, or Medication for Addiction Treatment (formerly called Medication Assisted Treatment). MAT combines the use of medication and behavioral therapies. The medications help decrease withdrawal symptoms, such as cravings, and reduce dependence on opioids. Behavioral therapies help determine a patient’s individual needs and targets the root cause their SUD.
  • SUPPORT: At a great rehab program, you will have support all around you. Group therapy programs and peer recovery supporters allow patients to tell their stories and make patients feel less alone. Most centers also provide case management, which helps patients maneuver life outside of rehab.


Start your recovery at BrightView’s outpatient drug rehab in Boston

At BrightView, we understand that addiction is a disease, and we treat it using a comprehensive, evidence-based treatment program. Our outpatient programs provide MAT, behavioral therapies, and support for your recovery. If you’re ready to start your recovery journey, contact us now at 8335104357 or schedule an appointment online.


Photo by Jimmy Woo on Unsplash