Drug Addiction Treatment
circle of chairs with patients discussing drug rehab options in louisville
By BrightView
Published: May 20, 2021
Updated: June 21, 2022

The stress of our modern lifestyles can be overwhelming and lead some of us to self-medicate with drugs or alcohol. However, you do not have to let addiction take you over. Getting treatment from an addiction treatment center in Louisville can help you take back control of your life so you can handle daily stressors in a healthier, safer way. At BrightView, our drug addiction treatment program offers support for your mental health as well as your substance use disorder.

We understand that there is more to addiction than the drug, and we help you get to the root of any issues that led you down this path. As a key part of the local recovery community, we want to help you find your way back to a healthy, happy life.

Call us today at 888.501.9865 to learn how medication assisted treatment at our MAT clinics in Kentucky can make all the difference in your long-term recovery.

Drug Addiction in Louisville

Louisville residents have seen firsthand how addiction can impact families and destroy lives. In Kentucky, 7.5% of the population, or 279,000 people, are estimated to have a substance use disorder. There’s a clear need for addiction treatment in Louisville, and we’re here to help.

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, know that you are not alone. 82% of Kentuckians are 45 minutes or less from a BrightView center, making effective treatment more accessible than ever.

What Type of Drug Addiction Treatment Program Is Right for You?

Finding the right type of substance abuse treatment center for your individual needs is the key to your success in recovery. When you are seeking treatment at a substance abuse treatment center, there are several options to consider:

  • Are you struggling with drug addiction, alcohol dependence, or both? While there are many similarities between various types of addictions, some key differences will impact the type of treatment provided. You will want to find a treatment facility that works for your type of addiction.
  • Do you need medication assisted treatment? Medication assisted treatment is offered at MAT clinics to manage withdrawal symptoms as an outpatient option.
  • Do you have health insurance? Payment options are important to consider when selecting a treatment program. Some facilities may be covered by private insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid, while others may provide programs at no cost for those in need.
  • Do you have a mental health condition? If you need support for your mental health, you will want to choose a facility that features therapy as part of its recovery program. Caring for your mental health will be an integral component of long-term recovery.

Giving some thought to the above questions can help prepare you for your search for the right drug rehab in Louisville.

Finding Your Local Drug Rehab Center in Louisville, Kentucky

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration website provides a handy Substance Use Treatment Locator tool to help you find your local treatment center. Enter “Louisville, Kentucky” into the treatment locator and select the distance you can travel for treatment. Thankfully, there are many facilities conveniently located right in Louisville. From there, you can filter your search to narrow down the results to best fit your needs. You can limit your search by:

  • Type of treatment – Options such as outpatient program, telemedicine, and treatment for co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders.
  • Payment options – Options include private health insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, free care, cash payment, and payment assistance.
  • Specialized programs – There are treatment options for adults, men, women, members of the LGBTQ community, and pregnant women.
  • Medication assisted treatment – You can search for facilities that offer this type of care if you are struggling with opioid addiction. Suboxone and Vivitrol providers can be found using this tool.

Once you select your search filters, you will have a list of drug rehab centers in Kentucky that will work best for you. When you are ready, reach out and get started on your recovery journey.

BrightView: Offering Caring, Effective Drug Rehab in Louisville

In your search for drug rehab options in Louisville, you will see that BrightView offers a comprehensive outpatient drug addiction treatment program that can suit your needs for long-term recovery. We provide a well-rounded program that consists of medication assisted treatment, individual and group therapy, case management, and social support.

We’re available 24/7, and we never turn away anyone in need of our help. Whether you’ve gone through treatment before or this is your first time, we’ll be there for you every step of the way. Connections to community resources are key to a successful recovery, and our team will help you access the resources you need to build a foundation for a bright future.

Call us today at 888.501.9865 to find out more about our Louisville addiction treatment center.