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Published: September 27, 2021
Updated: October 1, 2021

Of the millions of Americans suffering from drug and alcohol addiction, only a small percentage get the help they need to recover. Committing to recovery is a big step, but it can be challenging to get started. With the assistance of BrightView’s Dayton, OH addiction treatment center, you can put your addiction behind you and discover the path to a healthier future.

For the best chance of success, your treatment program needs to be a good fit for you. At BrightView, we understand that you have home and work responsibilities that can make residential treatment impossible. Our addiction treatment center in Dayton, Ohio offers the convenience of outpatient programs, so you can participate in therapy sessions on a schedule that works for you. Call us today at 888.501.9865 to determine which of our outpatient addiction rehab programs would be best for you.

Choosing the Right Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Dayton, OH

When you have made up your mind to get treatment for your addiction, you need to find the right treatment center to fit your needs. Addiction treatment cannot be one size fits all and still be effective for everyone. That is why it is so important to consider your needs when choosing an addiction recovery center.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when determining which addiction rehab is the best fit:

  • How severe is your addiction? Outpatient programs are best for milder addictions, while more severe addictions may require intensive outpatient or residential treatment.
  • How much time can you commit to treatment? If you have work and family responsibilities, you may want to choose outpatient programs that allow you to return home each day.
  • Are you suffering from mental health conditions like anxiety and depression? Finding a dual diagnosis program that offers treatment for your mental health and addiction together will be the most effective for recovery.
  • How will you pay for treatment? To save yourself the cost and stress of medical bills, you should try to find a treatment center that accepts your health insurance. If you are uninsured and qualify as low-income, you may be eligible for Medicaid, which covers addiction treatment. Some addiction recovery centers also offer payment plans to patients paying out of pocket.

Why Does It Matter Which Addiction Treatment Center You Choose?

While it is crucial to seek professional help when you are suffering from addiction, it is also essential that you select the right addiction recovery center. You may have heard of others who have tried to quit drugs or alcohol with the help of an addiction treatment center but have not been successful. It can be easy to assume that the treatment program is ineffective. However, it is more likely that the program was not the best one for their needs.

Here are some things to consider when choosing an addiction rehab:

  • Choosing a program with a convenient schedule increases your chances of sticking with treatment. Some people discontinue treatment too soon and relapse because the treatment schedule was difficult to maintain with their work and family obligations.
  • Finding an addiction rehab that offers all the services you need for a full recovery can make a tremendous difference in your success. Without comprehensive treatment for addiction and co-occurring mental health conditions, you have a much higher risk of relapsing.
  • Selecting an addiction recovery center that accepts your insurance can make treatment more affordable, making you more likely to stay for the duration of the program. Some patients leave their treatment programs early because they are worried about accumulating steep medical bills.

Choose BrightView for the Best Addiction Treatment Center in Dayton, Ohio

When you need effective, convenient drug and alcohol addiction treatment in Dayton, OH, you can rely on BrightView. Our outpatient and intensive outpatient programs are designed to accommodate your needs so you can recover on a schedule that works for you. Call us today at 888.501.9865 to get started on the road to lasting recovery.