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By BrightView
Published: June 13, 2021
Updated: May 28, 2021

Millions of Americans struggle with substance dependence and abuse, yet only a small percentage receive treatment to help them recover. How do you know when your substance use has crossed the line from safe consumption to unhealthy addiction? Recognizing the signs of addiction can help you decide if it is time to attend an alcohol addiction treatment program.

At BrightView, we understand that it can be difficult to admit when you need help for alcohol addiction. Our outpatient addiction treatment center in Ohio provides a comfortable setting for you to get the help you need without judgment. If you believe you may be struggling with alcohol addiction, call us today at 888.501.9865 to learn more about how our outpatient programs make treatment convenient and effective.

Signs of Alcohol Dependence and Addiction

You may think you can stop drinking alcohol any time you want, so you believe it is under control. However, not everyone realizes that treatment may be needed for alcohol dependence, not just alcohol addiction. Alcohol dependence can easily lead to addiction, so addressing the problem before it develops into addiction can make recovery easier and more successful.

Some signs of alcohol dependence include:

  • Planning social events around alcohol
  • Feeling the need to start drinking early in the day
  • Finding it hard to stop drinking once you start

Many people do not realize they even have a dependence. It is common to drink in some social circles or families when getting together, so it may be more challenging to notice when you have become dependent.

The signs of alcohol addiction may be much more noticeable:

  • Experiencing hangover symptoms, such as nausea and shaking, that are only relieved by drinking alcohol
  • Choosing alcohol over family, friends, work, or other responsibilities
  • Blacking out or experiencing temporary memory loss
  • Drinking alone or hiding your drinking from others
  • Negative changes in appearance

If you think you may be alcohol-dependent, it is time to reflect on how it affects your life and whether you can make changes on your own. Since it can lead to addiction, you should contact your local addiction treatment center near Dayton if you feel that you cannot moderate your consumption. Those exhibiting signs of alcohol addiction should consider enrolling in an alcohol addiction treatment program to prevent the condition from getting worse.

Should You Reach Out to Your Local Addiction Treatment Center?

There are many reasons a person may not seek addiction treatment even when they truly need it. Here are some common reasons given for refusing treatment for alcohol dependence or addiction:

  • You see drinking as a way to wind down after a stressful day. Used in moderation, it can be harmless, but if it leads to dependence or addiction, you should seek help.
  • You fulfill all of your work and family obligations, so you do not think you have a problem. However, alcohol dependence and addiction can have detrimental effects on your health and well-being, which will eventually catch up with you.
  • Your friends insist you do not have an alcohol problem. If these are the same friends you drink with, they may be in denial for fear of losing a drinking buddy or even admitting to being alcohol-dependent themselves.
  • You have not hit rock bottom. Some people think they only need addiction treatment if their life is falling apart. Getting help as early as possible can prevent many addiction-related problems in your life, including issues with work, relationships, finances, and health.

Leave Alcohol Addiction Behind at a BrightView Outpatient Clinic in Ohio

When alcohol has started to take control of your life, it is time to reach out to BrightView. We offer a convenient outpatient addiction treatment program in Ohio that can fit seamlessly into your life, so you can continue to work and care for your family as you recover. Call us today at 888.501.9865 to find out more about how we can help you take your life back from alcohol dependence and addiction.