Addiction Treatment Center
By BrightView
Published: June 13, 2023
Updated: June 4, 2024

When it becomes clear that someone is dealing with addiction, it can be difficult to accept. However, there are many options available to help those struggling with addiction, including addiction treatment programs. The best treatment centers provide comprehensive, multidisciplinary programs that offer medication and therapy. In this type of program, Suboxone is one of the medications that can be prescribed to patients. To learn more about BrightView’s addiction treatment services, reach out today at 8335104357.


What is medication for addiction treatment and what is Suboxone?

Medication for addiction treatment (MAT) is a safe and effective treatment program that combines medication with behavioral therapies. This comprehensive approach aims to cover all the bases of substance use disorder (SUD), the medical diagnosis for addiction. The medications help sustain long-term recovery goals by normalizing brain chemistry, blocking the euphoric effects of substances, and minimizing withdrawal symptoms.

Suboxone is a brand name of a buprenorphine/naloxone medication. Other brand names include Sublocade, Brixadi, and Subutex. It is a MAT, opioid antagonist that combines naloxone and buprenorphine. Naloxone blocks opiate receptors in the brain and buprenorphine decreases withdrawal symptoms.

Is medication for addiction treatment safe?

All MAT medications are FDA-approved and have been thoroughly researched. If used under the close supervision of a medical care provider, these prescription medications are safe to use. Here are some tips for taking medication safely:

  • SAFE STORAGE: Store your medication somewhere safe and locked away from children.
  • NEVER SHARE: Just like any other prescription medicine, MAT medications should never be used without medical supervision. Never share these medications with anyone.
  • INTERACTIONS: Be aware of how MAT medication may interact with other medications.
  • ASK QUESTIONS: If you are unsure about the medication prescribed, call you doctor for clarification.

Searching for a clinic in the Phoenix area

Here are some ways you can find a Clinic in your area:

  • REACH OUT: If there is a specific provider or treatment center in mind, reach out and ask directly to learn more about their services and options.
  • SAMHSA LOCATOR TOOL: Using the SAMHSA locator tool allows users to filter their treatment search by state, county, distance, facility type, and type of care.
  • ASK FOR RECOMMENDATIONS: Confide in you loved ones or friends in recovery, or a medical professional for recommendations on where to seek treatment.

Begin recovery at BrightView’s outpatient addiction treatment

At BrightView, we pride ourselves on offering convenient and trustworthy outpatient addiction treatment services to residents of the Phoenix area. We treat you like a person and addiction as a disease. Call us today at 8335104357 or schedule an appointment online to start the journey to recovery.

Photo by Joe Cook on Unsplash