Medication Assisted Treatment
women laughing while discussing why choose an MAT clinic for drug rehab
By BrightView
Published: December 16, 2022
Updated: February 2, 2023

If you have ever tried to quit alcohol or drugs on your own, you know how challenging it can be. If you succeed in getting through the withdrawal process, you must resist powerful cravings to stay clean. If underlying mental health conditions are not being treated, you may struggle even more to stay sober. Breaking free from addiction does not have to be so difficult. Medication assisted treatment programs are becoming widely available and can help make the recovery process easier and longer-lasting.

When searching for medication assisted treatment (MAT) at a drug rehab center, look no further than BrightView. Our MAT clinics around the country can help you recover from alcohol and opioid addiction with an effective combination of medication, individual counseling, and family and group therapy. Call us today at 888.501.9865 to learn more about how MAT can make long-term recovery your reality.

Why Medication Assisted Treatment?

MAT is more than just a way to manage withdrawal symptoms. It can also help you stay sober by reducing cravings, eliminating physical dependence, and giving you time and space to work on the psychological issues underlying your substance use disorder. MAT can help you get better faster and maintain sobriety longer, all while allowing you to continue living your daily life.

The Benefits of Treatment at an MAT Clinic

If you have considered addiction treatment in the past, you may have been hesitant if your perception of rehab programs was a little outdated. Traditional recovery programs often required a 30-day inpatient stay at a detox center so you could be monitored throughout the withdrawal process. Many people have avoided getting help because they could not commit to 30 days or more away from work and family obligations. Not to mention, people who have tried these inpatient programs may have only experienced temporary recovery success and could not afford to participate in repeated inpatient treatment.

If you have been reluctant to get treatment for alcohol or opioid addiction, you may want to consider trying a medication assisted treatment program. Some of the benefits of choosing an MAT program over a traditional inpatient treatment program include:

  • A more comfortable recovery process – Specially-selected medications can help relieve withdrawal symptoms, making withdrawal much more manageable.
  • A more convenient recovery option – With MAT, you do not have to attend an inpatient program. The medications help keep you comfortable, preventing the need for inpatient detox. You can continue to take care of your work and home responsibilities while you get treatment.
  • More affordable addiction treatment – Since you will enroll in MAT as an outpatient, you do not have to sacrifice your income while receiving treatment.
  • Increased chances for long-term recovery – MAT has a higher success rate for full and lasting recovery. Your treatment team will keep you on medications as long as necessary to prevent you from relapsing.

How Does Medication Assisted Treatment Work?

If you are considering trying medication assisted treatment to recover from alcohol and opioid addiction, you may be curious about how these programs work. After all, you want to ensure that they will fit into your lifestyle while also being effective. Treatment may vary from clinic to clinic, but most MAT programs generally consist of the following:

  • Medication selected specifically for your addiction – Alcohol and opioid addiction benefit from different medications, so your treatment team will customize your medications based on your individual needs.
  • Individual counseling – You may receive cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) to address distorted thought patterns that have kept you stuck in a cycle of negative thinking and substance use.
  • Group therapy – Participating in therapy with others can provide you with support and inspiration as you witness others recovering successfully and encouraging you on your path.
  • Family therapy – Healing family relationships that have suffered from your addiction can help create a better living environment conducive to sober living.

These components of MAT, combined with frequent visits to your treatment center, will support and strengthen your recovery so that you can return to a healthier life.

Begin Long-Term Recovery at a BrightView MAT Clinic

For the most reliable medication assisted treatment, you can put your trust in BrightView. Our MAT clinics can help make recovery more comfortable and convenient by providing medication and therapy in an outpatient setting.

With locations around the country, phones staffed 24/7, and walk-ins accepted at most locations until 3 pm on weekdays, BrightView is committed to providing you with the support and care you need to begin your journey towards long-term recovery. Contact us today at 888.501.9865 to learn how our outpatient MAT programs can easily fit into your lifestyle.