What Is a Depressant Use Disorder Treatment Program?

By BrightView BrightView Meet The Editorial Team Published: July 30, 2021 Updated: July 30, 2021 Depressants are drugs often prescribed for various needs, including for some forms of mental health disorders. Yet, they can be used illicitly, and when they are, you may develop depressant use disorder. This condition revolves around your need to use these drugs on a consistent basis. When that happens, you could face a number of health complications. Our comprehensive depressant use disorder treatment center can help you overcome this. BrightView is here to help you.…

guide to alcohol rehab in dayton ohio

Guide to Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Dayton, Ohio

By BrightView BrightView Meet The Editorial Team Published: July 27, 2021 Updated: June 28, 2021 Millions of Americans struggle with alcohol use disorder, with Ohioans experiencing more than their fair share of drinking problems. Accessible, affordable alcohol addiction treatment programs are needed throughout Ohio so residents can break free from alcohol dependence and addiction once and for all. BrightView offers the most reliable and comprehensive alcohol addiction treatment Ohioans can find to address the growing issue of alcohol abuse. Our addiction treatment programs utilize a well-rounded approach, including multiple therapy…

drug rehab center in cincinnati ohio

What Sets Cincinnati, Ohio Drug Addiction Treatment Centers Apart?

By BrightView BrightView Meet The Editorial Team Published: July 25, 2021 Updated: June 28, 2021 When you enroll in medication assisted treatment programs to end your drug addiction, you want to know that you are getting the best drug addiction treatment possible. Not all addiction treatment centers are the same, so how do you pick the right one for you? For a highly effective drug addiction treatment center in Cincinnati, Ohio, you can rely on BrightView. Our medication assisted treatment programs have earned a great reputation for our comfortable setting, caring staff,…

benefits of drug rehabilitation in columbus ohio

Benefits of Drug Addiction Treatment in Columbus, Ohio

By BrightView BrightView Meet The Editorial Team Published: July 23, 2021 Updated: June 25, 2021 Finding the right addiction treatment center for your needs can make all the difference in your recovery success. There are a variety of options for drug addiction treatment in Columbus, Ohio, so opting for medication assisted treatment programs in the area will provide you with the supportive lifestyle you need for lasting recovery. When looking for the best options for addiction treatment, you can depend on the medication assisted treatment programs at BrightView. Our conveniently located Columbus…

Recovery Rocks Podcast

Recovery Rocks Q&A Financial Recovery

By Heather Harwood Heather Harwood Meet The Editorial Team Published: July 19, 2021 Updated: July 19, 2021 Tawny Lara is a recovery advocate and LGBTQIA supporter living in the big apple. She is a writer, public speaker, and podcaster passionate about dissolving stigmas associated with both sobriety and sexuality. The Waco, Texas native’s notable work has been published in Playboy, Men’s Health, Huffington Post, and Tawny even has a blog titled SobrieTeaParty.com. The blog, like the podcast, offers a fresh and innovative approach to understanding alcohol use disorder. She is…

top signs to seek a methadone clinic near mason ohio

Top Signs to Seek a Methadone Clinic in Mason, Ohio

By BrightView BrightView Meet The Editorial Team Published: July 18, 2021 Updated: June 25, 2021 If you have tried drug addiction treatment in the past and found it unsuccessful, you may want to consider trying a methadone clinic in Mason, Ohio. Medication-assisted treatment programs can greatly increase your chances for long-lasting recovery. Even if you have already tried to break the cycle of drug addiction in the past without success, you are always welcome at BrightView. We understand that relapse risk is high without proper treatment. Our comprehensive addiction treatment…

medicaid drug rehab options in columbus ohio

Medicaid Drug Addiction Treatment Options in Columbus, Ohio

By BrightView BrightView Meet The Editorial Team Published: July 16, 2021 Updated: June 25, 2021 Your finances should not get in the way of getting the drug addiction treatment you need. Recovery at an outpatient addiction treatment center can be accessible for all with the help of Medicaid drug addiction treatment coverage. Financial assistance programs like Medicaid were designed to ensure that all Americans receive the healthcare they need regardless of income. This includes the need for drug addiction treatment. At BrightView, you do not have to put off your…

top drug rehab dayton ohio

Top Drug Addiction Treatment Center in Dayton, Ohio

By BrightView BrightView Meet The Editorial Team Published: July 14, 2021 Updated: June 28, 2021 When you are serious about quitting drug addiction for good, you want to find the best drug addiction treatment center for your needs. A simple Google search for drug rehabilitation in Ohio will provide you with a long list of results. So, how do you find out which is the best outpatient addiction treatment center for you? At BrightView, we offer the top Dayton addiction treatment center. Our comprehensive drug addiction treatment programs are proven…


The Importance of Forgiving Yourself in Recovery

By Katie Sebring, LPC, M.Ed. Katie Sebring, LPC, M.Ed. Meet The Editorial Team Published: June 29, 2021 Updated: June 29, 2021 One of the hardest and most deserving gifts one can give themselves during their recovery is forgiveness.  Regret can be one of the most overwhelming emotions when someone first becomes sober.  Those first few weeks or months of sobriety are when one can finally process the gravity of their previous choices and decisions and how it might have affected their family, friends, career, or their entire life trajectory.  There…

lgbtq trauma and addiction

Understanding LGBTQ Trauma and Addiction

By BrightView BrightView Meet The Editorial Team Published: June 28, 2021 Updated: May 28, 2021 Feeling comfortable in your own skin is important to all of us. The idea of feeling comfortable with oneself may often come up for people in the LGBTQ community. If you do not feel accepted by the people you love, it can lead to self-medicating with drugs and alcohol to numb the discomfort. When you are suffering from LGBTQ trauma and addiction, you need to ensure you find the right addiction treatment therapy programs for…